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Calling all Speedy Speed Boys

| So /v/ what are your favorite racing games and recommendations

| Burnout series. It was so good, and the music made it even better. Destruction, killcams. Aw shit, so good.

| Garfield karts easily, other just can't compare.

| Initial D Arcade Stage 7 & 8

| i played a psone game called RC Car Revenge or so as a kid - hella fun

| >>ae2c24 the one with the ufo and some weird cars to unlock like a proper motorized skull?

| Sonic riders

| >>a6dae6
Thats very gay

| Crash Team Racing

| Honewtly my favourite racing game is mario kart double dash, nostalgia prob blinds me but I have never had as much fun in a racing game that I have had in double dash

| I've been playing a lot of Slipstream on Steam, it's very much like Outrun, has the old VHS aesthetic. Riff Racer is a rhythm game with a similar role in giving a drifting simulator, fun as long as you have upbeat music.

Nothing beats going to an Initial D cabinet in an arcade though.

| Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero and Ridge Racer type 4

| Thought this was going to be a thread about speedrunning...

I'll go back in my hole

| >>510742 TBH I'll race you there

| >>502703
Best kart game
I used to own everybody, until I spent years without playing and my little brother surpassed me!!! the fucker

| The crew was a fun game if you just want to fuck around and open world ride with you car and there are also some fun races in it

| Wangan Midnight Maximum tune

| Forza Horizon 4 is good. Split/Second too.

| Oh, also? Bit controversial but Ridge Racer Unbounded was pretty good for what was there.

Or my cousin and I had too much fun putting a loop right at the start line and watching the cars fall off it.

| (Last post I swear) If you have a phone or want something on the hard-arcadey end of the scale Asphalt 6: Adrenaline is, as far as I'm concerned, the best in the series. It's no Need for Speed (Try MW2005 if you haven't already, or even the 2015 reboot!) but it's there.

Additionally, I'm not sure if it counts as a racing game, but Absolute Drift is fun as all get out. Just remember to plug in a controller first.

| The best racing game is quake 3 arena with "boost" thats all.

| F-Zero X

| Project Cars 1 and 2 are pretty good and realistic. Also Assetto Corsa.

| Need for speed Most wanted 2012. The soundtrack is pretty rad and the gameplay is nice. I like. Fuck Electronic Aids though.

| people are gonna fucking lynch me for this but Need for Speed Rivals

also quality captcha: myth files kinda

| >>513022
Theyre pretty good for casuals, brake to drift takes a while to master. Though for the most part its unpredictable.

| >>513634
the driving might be for casuals, but the vehicular combat is the fun part of rivals

| >>496113
Forza Horizon 4 as of lately. The only thing I don't like about it are the engine sounds on some cars and the bullshit fortnite dances/skins.

| >>514074
Have they fixed the online of Forza H 4?

| seasonal change is still a pain in the ass for sure

| >>512662 Looking for the one sim boy. I've been enjoying pc2 a lot recently

| Initial D Arcade Stage. Preferrable Version 3 or 8 Infinity (both are emulatable)

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune (based on the wangan midnight manga/anime, i reccommend)
(current installment in japan is 6, in china it's 5dx, rest of asia has 5dx+, na has 5)
(also 5 is emulatable)

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