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Danganronpa kill/cure

| This is a fan made youtube serie, don't expect much of it
I know that it isn't really a game, but the danganronpas dont really stand out for theyr gameplay mechanics anyway.
I just wanted to see you gurls speculate for a lil while and to shout it out to any fans that might not have heard of it.

| Forgot to mention that the thing is in development, but at least it looks like there is work being put in to it. (hope they dont get flagged)

| It'll help for the next DR game that we'll be waiting on for years :(

| >mods make a contest for voice actors
>mods double cast
the danganronpa fandom really has to die

| >>496374

Why do people have to force low quality baits and attempt brigading even with the smallest of things? Go beg for attention elsewhere, this is not 4chan

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This thread is permanently archived