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Distract from holiday loneliness-- best wintery games

| I can't go back and replay Frostpunk for a dose of coldness so soon, and Metro might be early as well depending on whether Exodus gets delayed or not.

| red dead 2 has some beautiful snowy areas, and has a lovely cast of characters that feel like real people imo

| I think the new Valkyria Chronicles (4) mostly takes place during winter. I haven't played it though, so I might be wrong, but I remember the trailer showing a lot of wintery environments. All the Valkyria games are stand-alones, so don't worry if you haven't played the other ones.

Also, this game called Va-11 Hall-A (it's not that popular, so you probably haven't heard about it) is extremely cosy and wintery, so if you haven't played it, fucking do it.

| If ur into story you can always play some jrpgs. Alicemare, ib, lieat are some jrpgs that have amazing stories and let you play at your own pace

| I Am Setsuna should be right for this season

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Ooh, yeah. That one is just perfect for it.

| Hmmm, if I were to consult my library..
-Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star has a festive atmosphere, no joke, it's good
-Jotun (nuff said)
-The Mooseman plays like a proper winter bedtime story despite not taking place in any season in particular

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Yeah. That's a good one.

| Payday 2 christmas heists.

| You could try The Long Dark, it's endless winter but might make you feel even lonelier

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That's a really lonely game.

| Play Sint Nikolaas

| "I think the skyrim is a good winter game. Buy it": say Todd Howard. But it's true.

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It is.

| Maybe I'll try to play Undertale again... Snowden did make me feel wintery and cozy..

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Undertale is really cosy.

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