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Should I get Nier Automata, Nioh or Dark Souls 3?

| What would you choose and why?

| Nier if you want a good story
Nioh if you want to hack and slash some fuckers
Dark souls 3 if you want to have some fun pvp with friends
[Dark souls PtDE is best]

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Yeah, PtDE is easily my favourite of the three, but I've played it enough already. I don't really care about PvP, so I'll probably skip getting 3. Still, I am torn between Nier and Nioh. Plus, I've had a lot of Nier spoiled to me, even though I kinda forgot most of it and my recollection of the game's events is murky at best. Will that impact the experience much?

| I would defenitly reccomend nier automata. I did not play nioh or dark souls so I really can't say much about it but nier automata has long gameplay hour and a really good story

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Does the story suffer a lot from being spoiled on most major twists and plot points?

Captcha: neil funks pygmy. Good for Neil.

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It does imo. I also think story is not all that great and game itself is mediocore. Can't say anything about nioh. Ds3 is a complete joke. Everything in design is just a bad ds1 reference with no new ideas and gameplay is just not satisfying... well just don't bother with it if its not your first souls game (and it isn't fir you so)

| Damn! What a difficult question... i love Nier and DS for equal, think that depends on what do you want to play.

If you want a very good story, with memorable characters and all this anime look shit, Automata FTW!

But... if you want one of the best videogame ever made, frustrating, and beautiful like only itself, then you should try DS3.

| I played all 3 and I say Nier. I'm a bit bias because I'm pretty burned out on Soul like games though

| All 3 games are amazing but nier is a must play

As for you being spoiled on the story: depending on who you are as a person it might matter or it might not matter at all
[I got spoiled on a lot of stuff in nier but still enjoyed the game a lot]

I feel like all 3 games should be fully completed but nier should definitely be first priority out of those games

[>>490342 PtDE 4 lyf g/u/rl]

| If music is important to you at all, then you absolutely must play Nier Automata. Honestly feel blessed just being able to wander around in the game with the soundtrack playing.

| dark souls 3 is nice! loved all dark souls games a lot but ds3 is the most polished one and really beautiful!

nier is pretty awesome and had surreal good & fresh gaming concepts that made unforgettable impressions on me - also, the music is amazing

i suck at nier, it is very hardcore imo - i lack time and mental stability to git good enough. it is a very nice experience tho but exhausting for me at least.

| So, Steam Autumn Sale is over now and I ended up getting Nier: Automata. Won't be able to play it until Saturday/Sunday, unfortunately, but I'm very excited already.
Thanks for helping me choose, g/u/rls! I will probably be picking up Nioh on the next sale.

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How often do you play vidya? DS3 is not even close to being great. Or do I miss something? Can you tell me what new ds3 can offer? What it does better than the 1 and 2?

| Nier bc it's an experience ds amd nioh are games > nioh > ds

| Nier Automata is literally my favourite game. I'd def recommend that one.

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well, i simply liked the gameplay: you have tons of weapon choices that feel great and everything is way more fluid in combat. then, there are some very beautiful settings and landscapes in ds3 and some things really surprised me again!

| >>493411 nothing, just the same thing that the others (specially the first one). Pretty sure that the reason bc i love DS3 was the fact that was my first DS. Eventually i played the others 2 but... the third always will be my favourite.

| Nier.

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