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N1RV Ann-A

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X85KOAYfObc
I'm so excited

| http://sukeban.moe/index.php/2018/09/18/announcing-cyberpunk-bartender-action-n1rv-ann-a/

| Here's the official announcement g/u/rls, I'M SO DAMN HYPED

| Fuck I knew someone would make a thread before I did.
I expected something different from what was teased, but I'm hyped for it.

| I'm soooo looking forward to it.

| >Coming for the Switch
Does this confirm VA-11 HALL-A Good Boy edition?

| Fucking pinned lmao.

I'm lovin the old anime style.
Also, >shake them tiddies


I need to replay vallhalla one of these days. I'm so fucking hyped!

Btw, the art style reminds me of Policenauts, I like it.

| Not a fan of the new artstyle, but still ~hype~


| i hope gideon does the ost. but nonetheless, HYPEEEE OHHHOHOHOH IM LOVING THE ART

| 2020 is so far though

| >>407633
Sukeban games are working on two games at the moment so what was teased prior to this might have been the other game they are working on

| I'm crying rn

| Nice

| Holy shit

| Sweet Christ on a cracker!!¡

| I searched VA-11 HALL-A because I was thinking of doing an Adobe After Effects homework using some of the artwork, and I find this lovely surprise.

Today is a good day.

| Go check nirvana.bar page code ~

| >>407831 What do you mean? The page source code? What is there?

| I want to see Jill in this one, even if she just appears and all. I think we will see more of Anna as she said "see you at Tres Alicias" Donovan apparently was there already, but blocked by the new protag. And fuck, I want to know more of mister fuckboy past and life.


| It wasn't an April's fool after all

| Hello. One ticket for the hype train, please.

| >>407851

an easter egg. owo

| >>407693 i really hope they aren't overworking themselves thought

| >>407920 they did higher a new programer and they've got about two years to finish one game, I just hope they get out of that hell hole eventually, really don't want to hear that something bad happened to them later on down the road

| I really like how the new protag is a complete opposite of Jill in all aspects.

| I'm so ready for the new game, but i'm... not as much of a fan of the artstyle, either. However! More fucking music! GOD, the OST is so good.

| I loved the music and the artstyle. Fuck yeah! This is the cyberpunk game to get hyped over that's coming out in 2020!

| >>407930

hellhole? where's sukeban based?

| >>408024 Venezuela

| >>408024 Apparently they said something about moving on discord, but afaik, Venezuela

| Eeeeeeee boiiiiii

| Great, now I have to move "killing myself" back to around 2021
Thanks Sukeban

| I can't wait for both of the games they're making!

| >>407831 >>407851 >>407867

The same can be done at waifubartending.com

| >>407641 It was already confirmed gurl lul

| Can't wait

| My anus is ready

| >>408351 in 2 years

| Looks nice. I hope what i will have enough money when this game will be released

| I want to marry N1RV Ann-A chan

| >>408038 How does that even work? Do parts of Venezuela still function? Are the 258 quintillion Bolivars they get from each purchase of the game worthless by the time they get to the market for bread? They say they're relocating, are they going as refugees to Ecuador with nothing but their laptops, chargers & the clothes on their backs?

| >>409041 http://sukeban.moe/index.php/faq/

| >>409062 that's old info you'd have to ask on discord but if they do plan on doing something they might not want to talk about it till it's over

| I really dig the va-11Hall-A asthetic, music and overall presentation,

But N1rv-Ann-A just looks, feels and sounds so different...It's not a bad thing, it's good, now we know what the cyberpunk bartender action series will be. I can't wait to see the other styles and genres they do, I hope they do a kind of cowboy bebop style one.

While I am excited for this game and I will definitely play it and love it, I don't think it will be better than Va11-Hall-A or at least for me

| Can I play this on a PC-98?

| >>409363 If it can run Doom and Crysis, then yes.

| Holy shit yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

| >>407930 They moved to japan

| >>409852 do you by chance have a quote I could search on the discord, I really hope so but I want to see for myself :p

| I literally scream when the announce new Cyberpunk bartender. Can't wait to play it!

| New waifus heck ye tho I don't think any of those new girls can beat Jill 10/10 waifu

| >>410704 Jill will always be best girl, perfect cutie right there

| smell like jills spirit

| Toje bilo rjomba and I'm so glad

| I just finished VA-11 HALL-A when they announced N1RV Ann-A and I can't fucking wait for more stuff set in this amazing universe.
If there is a Switch Port, I hope it gets more stuff just like 2064:Read Only Memories INTEGRAL. Maybe a lore-codex or something because fuck me I like this setting so much, might be my favourite Cyberpunk Setting ever

| N1RV Ann-A needs to have danger/u/ or an equivalent.

| >>412539 so dangeru?

| >>412557 danger/2/

| That's real comedy right there

| any ideas on the release date?

| Idk 2020?

| Yes somewhere in 2020

| I just canceled my scheduled suicide


| It says 2020 as the release date. And I would love a danger/2/ in N1RV Ann-A.

| >>415743 danger/u/ it's definitely going to be in nirvana, since it's a parody of 4chan, it's not like when your going to panama they change, maybe the protagonist gonna lurk on the regional boards? Cause dangeru on Valhalla feels too centered on glitch city

| >>415749 She is going to read messages from bottles.

| >>407674
You didn’t like Garoad’s stuff? His tracks from the game get me through the worst parts of my day.

| Joke aside, I remember that Dana have friends as manager at N1RV Ann-A. Maybe we will meet her again later on, perhaps?

| >>416942 Maybe. If I remember correctly, Dana and Jill went to Panama as a vacation. It's possible.

| Maybe this will be a happy story after all. Personally, I though Dana×Jill ship could happened. Although Alma took her home.

| without further interruption, lets celebrate and suck some dick!

| I got so hyped when I saw the new game ! Though I think I remember an old game Sukeban made with Dana fighting in it. Anybody knows anything about it ?

| >>418942 As far as I know, Sukeban has three games, Blazing Food, Sales Pitch and VA-11 Hall-A.

There is also Devil's Journal: Tony T, another visual novel they were working on. Fun Fact: The character GLO-RI-A Light, who appeared in a region locked AE interview, and mentioned by Jill and Anna in the epilogue, is Gloria, from that game.

Now that I think about it, Tony is the name of the son of Sam, the main character in N1RV Ann-A.

I should check Devil's Journal demo someday...

| >>419014 Almost forgot.


Gloria is also mentioned in one of the VA-11 Hall-A prototypes.

What kind of person buys an erotic cast-off figure of an actress to her five years old daughter?

| >>415749
That means more new g/u/rls!


| Interesting they chose to switch to whole new settings, characters, and art style, especially when Valhalla's were received so well. High hopes tho

| >>420310

"This is maybe the most common question: Will we ever go back to VA-11 Hall-A? to be completely frank, maybe not. At least not in a long time.

(...) Maybe in 10 years with Jill going through a midlife crisis because that’s totally a Jill Thing that would happen.

We also want to experiment more by making all kinds of weird games, and we can’t do that if we just keep making Valhalla sequels."

| >>420310 And hey, Iris isn't new, she is as old as Dana.

| >>420320 k br0

| I'm interested in what they will do this time.

Our protagonist, Sam, is a mother. In VA-11 Hall-A, we had a many parent-children relationship issues, but almost all of them were seen from the side of the children (for example, Becky, Norma, Lenore), with the exception of Von Art, which can be resumed as "my daughter went missing and that's how I became a detective". Now we will get to see the other side. How she tries to raise Tony, and what will happen between her and Leon.

| I like the new 80s anime aesthetic. No doubt based on older visual novels and the art found in those Japanese Dos games.
Can ya dig it?

| I just realized that THATS IRIS next to Sam in the picture with the 3 of those characters, and a blogpost in 2017 on sukeban games, Sam was already revealed in a 3 person protagonist picture as the one behind the counter

| >>421342 Yeah, noticed that too. The third one was a guy with a gun.

| Pls delete male and include lesbians

Lesbians are only truth and peace in dark world

| >>422767 +1

| >>422767 pls no, va-11 hall-a had just enough of this gay shit

| >>423372 *not enough

| For those of you who haven't seen it yet, there is a new post at sukeban.moe

Basically, the whole script system in VA-11 was a mess, they learned many things from that mess and won't make another mess in N1RV.

Also, there is an image of Parka and a bit of info.

I should listen later what they said at TGS 2018.

| >>423429 *more than enough

| >>422767 +1

| Cant wait

| as long as there's less blatant pandering than in 2064, I don't care how many lesbians they put in there.

| >>422767 based on how many +1's this g/u/rl gets they will add one lesbab

| Yuri is the purest form of love

| Will we have a bar-off between the protagonists on who can fill up the most katromine in a sugar rush?

| hype,only 1 year and some months UWU

| Mmh Karmotrine uwu

| >>425176
we probs will if Jill and Dana's vacation overlaps with the events of the game

| OwO this is nice

| >>422767 +1

| +999

| Holy shit this thread is still alive

| >>458212 No, not really. It's pinned by the mods, and the only comments during the last couple of weeks have been about lesbians and how cool they are.

| This thread, living the dream I use

| uwu to I use. fml

| Man, lesbians are cool!

| https://sukeban.moe/index.php/2018/11/20/n1rv-ann-a-devlog-2-the-weight-of-a-text-heavy-game/#more-348

New devlog at Sukeban. A wall of text explaining text, Anna, and a bit of info about Wakana.

| "She’s a Lilim and the second wife of a filthy rich divorced man. What stories does she have? How did she meet her husband? Does she have a stepdaughter? Is she afraid of Chinchillas too? Is Sam afraid of Chinchillas? Why does the caged bird sing? All of these questions and more will be answered in the full game!"

| I don't think it's Donovan's wife. While he is a filthy rich divorced man with a second wife, on the third day he asked Jill if lilims come with nipples from factory or can only be modded. If he is married to Wakana, there would be no reason to ask Jill, unless Wakana didn't answer him.

We also know Donovan and his wife cheat on each other. Do you think Wakana would cheat on Donovan?

Also, how would Donovan's daughter look if he had one?

| Just checked. Donovan has children. He said it on day one.

"Stuff like cars, and houses, and plastic surgery for the missus and her kids."

Dammit, this motherfucker fits the role perfectly, and we know he is going to appear.

I still refuse to believe it. Based on a comment about lilim nipples.

As for Wakana cheating on him, would be interesting to see how they handle it, especially if there is a stepdaughter in the mix.

Enough of me talking, I want to see what you think.

| Good job! They could pull a fast one on us and make her his third wife.

This devlog had me pumped for some reason. I'll probably do a third run of va-11 hall-a matching the dates, starting dec 9

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