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Making a game! (Progress Report #2)

| Hey all, this is ZXY101. The guy from the "Making a game!" threads. A lot has happened since our last post, firstly we are an official company now, named Travelling Merchant.

We have now set up an official itch.io page where you can learn more about the game and view our progress reports.

You can find the itch page here: https://travelling-merchant.itch.io/the-prisoners-dilemma

| We’ll be using itch to easily share progress updates, we’ve posted our first dev blog on the itch page, where you can read up on all of the progress we’ve made since the last update.

Once again, if you want to keep up to date with the project or get in contact with us, you can join our discord here: https://discord.gg/Xx2YtbQ

| Do check out the itch.io links, you can see some images of the new and improved art style.

| You can find the last progress report here: >>/u/362976

| >>/v/362976 *

| :D

| I seriously hope you guys like the new pics

| Thats a pretty banger name, super excited to see this game completed. Wishing you guys the best of luck.

| Ooo this looks pretty neato. Keep it up


| I'll follow this through until the end.
You have the support of 639256

| >>407170 >>407352 >>408520

We've set up a twitter account if yall are about that sorta thing.


| Love what you're doing, keep up the good work guys!

| Hii dear, i'm downloading your game as i write this comment
If i like the game, it could be the first game to be revealed in my yt channel
I'll post a link if i do so
But one thing i have to say, the game looks fun and interesting

| And i realized it is still not available hehehe i thought it was a link to download
But it is actually to discord so ignore the downloading part XD

| >>410544 link your channel pls, i'm an explorer

| Holy sheet that looks pretty kool hope yall release it soon, I bet it's gonna bee a big success


| -Mini Update-
All of the contracts are in and the whole team is now hard at work.

| >>ea1019 nice! We all are waiting!

| >>ea1019 I wish you being able to tell the exact story you want to tell in the way you want to, and also least slip ups and backtracking as possible<3333

| Such impressive dithering in the pixel art! Looking forward to seeing more of your game. :-)

| https://discord.gg/sAwtXn7

I just realized that the old discord links to the wrong channel.

| >>ea1019
So OP let's say you had to showcase your game in a game development con. How would you present it to make it stand out from the masses and what scopes do you have for said game?

| >>452896
Hmmm, well first off we'd emphasize our art style. Talk about the PC98 aesthetic and how much we adore it. Talk about how we're doing our best to pay tribute to the old classics, talk about all the things we plan on doing to keep up the old school/retro feel and what not.

For scope we'd mention all of the branching and side features like the whole mask feature we have.

But yeah I'd say our strongest point is how we're paying homage to the classics.

| >>ea1019
RedRonin here. We'd also mention that we're going for a more realistic cyberpunk setting. That is not to say our version is the most accurate; no one can truly predict what the future will look like, but what I mean is that our characters, locations and story arcs will try to be as realistic as possible, given the setting.
Above all, we'd also emphasize how our game is a blend between a visual novel and an RPG. The best analogy would be Snatcher or...

| cont...

Policenauts (or even Va11 Halla!) with more RPG elements, multiple endings, and character customisation.

| >>ea1019
As much as I like your style and dedication to keeping the authenticity of the retro feeling intact, I feel this has the potential to backfire as the indie market is over saturated by people pulling the nostalgia trick. I would like to suggest that you and company try to stay away from such advertising and try to promote the game as it's own thing rather than a love letter to previous successes.

Part 1/2

| >>006f52 A heavy emphasis should be put into showcasing the art of how developers created such unique and highly detailed work, on the other hand I don't want the game to be known as that one game with the old art style just like I don't like characters whose whole personality is being gay or the one liner jokes guy. My humbly opinion is to think about what you as a person who like to see from a game and push it as that instead of piggy ridding of the nostalgia train. (2/2)

| I apologise for my harsh words but I have taken a liking into this project and as a fan of the bygone era VNs, I would like this project to get the recognition it needs to equalize the passion and hard work that seems to be going to this property. I am by no means a critic nor know a whole lot about the process of creating a game but as more updates come out I am getting more intrigued by each new post. Keep up the good work!

(Ending post)

| >>006f52
No need to apologize, we completely agree! Avoiding one-dimensional characters is a priority for us, so we wouldn't want to undermine them with plain one-dimensional art just for nostalgia sake. While our influences include PC98 VNs, we aren't trying to develop a faithful recreation of one. At the same time, we aren't employing a pixel style merely to appeal to the recent wave of indie gamers. We hope our art will help emphasize our story and characters, and we hope (1/2)

| this becomes apparent once the game is complete.
We thank you for your words of advice, and we appreciate your support. Consider joining our Discord if you'd like to follow our development. :D

| >>627754
I am glad that you as a team are down to earth people instead of latching on to the latest trends in the ends and I applaud you for that as a whole team. I will accept your invitation into your discord server even if I prefer the boards due to years of usage and familiarity, for that reason I will be more of a lurker but will be reading the updates with joy and offering my honest opinion on them if I believe it is needed. Cheers and best of luck on your game.

| Yeet

| >>454082 yoot

| >>454116 yaat

| The more PC-98 inspired dithered art, the merrier. Truly the best of A E S T H E T I C S.

Like 006f52 said don't put PC-98 inspired art in your hook/pitch. Tell instead what makes your game really stand out from the rest, since PC-98 inspired art isn't really that unique, even if it's not that common.

Good luck to you guys!

| Can you post a new discord link fam?

| >>516856


And a Merry Christmas to you all.

| https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ANJJ-fpyVWIxuKewUs3Dj4IgonmvlOP4/view?usp=drivesdk

Retro version of the theme song, because reasons lack of proper progress report

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