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Free Steam Games (worth playing??)

| Well, if you are expecting more asset flips, you are correct but THERE's one game that will probably interest you.

Orwell, A game where you play as the "Big Brother", in a distopian world where privacy doesn't exist and try to solve the case of the Bonton City bombings.
Thank me later.

Insurgency was free 4 days ago, if you missed it, well too bad it will probably go free again soon(tm)

| For cluttering your library with more stuff
BROKE PROTOCOL is almost a Asset Flip but with some efforts done in it.
Think of it as a low budget GTA Online but so bad that it's so broken. that's what the game is about.
It contains battle royale mode that is also broken. The fall damage mechanic is too random and you will probably die if you jump off a fence.

| >>389240 wait fuck

| If you like point and click games, Heroine's Quest: THe Herald of Ragnarok is a good one

| Someone's gotta say it: Doki Doki Literature Club

| "Princess remedy in a world of hurt" or smth like that.

| Best Overwatch free analog - Paladins. Micro transactions are included.

| Warframe. Kinda grindy without microtransactions but fun once you get past the initial grind

| >>389294 ah this is good. there is a paid sequel too, which is just as great

| Of guards and thieves. A pretty good top down stealth game. One team protects objects as guards.The other team thieves, tries to steal them and get to an extraction point.

| Path of Exile is pretty cool, but I don't really like Diablo games

| Hello

| everlasting summer for the vn niggas

| >>389316 just watched a sir swag video about warframe, I'll probably try it out on my Xbox, it looks a lot nicer than I expected it to be tbh

| Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls is pretty pleasant.

| So, in other words, all free games are trash, spend money instead.

| >>390000 Nah, that's wrong. Path of Exile is a great game. It's what Diablo 3 should have been.

| OLDTV is a pretty fun time waster

| >>e8e410
dude yeah!, and i agree on the diablo thing

| 'Jigoki Kisetsukan: Sense of the Season' if you're too poor for 2hu.

| Duelyst is also a p good card game. Better than Hearthstone and Shadowverse.

| >>391816
Hahaha, yeah no. It's good, but not that good.

| >>391831 Let's derail the topic for a bit then. Why do you think so? I personally think that it's better because of how innovative it is. The only other card game that has a board-like playing field is Faeria, but I prefer Duelyst because you don't have to worry about placing your tiles. Each general also has unique skills and can be played on the board like a king in chess. You can't do that with the others. Plus, it's not that difficult to purchase orbs to get more cards.

| And even when we don't talk about gameplay, Duelyst is still superior. The pixel sprites are beautiful, practically sex to the eyes. The lore is so incredibly deep that I will go so far as to say it's up there with WoW, ASoIaF and TLoTR.

| Have you ever played relic hunter? It's stupid but fun.

| Eternal Senia

| I like brawlhalla and yugioh duel links

| >>f5a58e
I've been eyeing Insurgency for years now.

| Seconding Princess Remedy and Khimera. Matter still gets updates regularly too after like 2 years.

| I rarely find visual novels that I enjoy, so trust me that despite the art, Find Someone Else is a nice short experience.

| wow my thread just got pinned
thanks mod

| >>393356
Let me uhhh I guess third both Princess Remedy and Khimera. Real good shit right there.

| >>391841 >>391844

Not sure if the g/u/rl you were responding to was referencing this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/keithlee/duelyst/comments

But basically, the devs cheated the Kickstarter backers out of their rewards.

| >>393802 I'm gonna fourth them too. Khimera is :ok_hand:. Best monsterwaifu simuator.

Princess Remedy is probably the closest thing gameplay-wise to Undertale. The last boss was also pretty awesome.

| Black Squad is a nice FPS, kinda Crossfire Remastered, i'd recommend it to all the crossfire fans.

| >>393793

You're welcome!

| Dirty Bomb just went 1.0! Basically the descendent of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, from the same developers.

| No one's mentioned Yume Nikki?
Also, I'm going to +1 Princess Remedy, a game that was so good I bought the sequel

| Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines is free on Humble Bundle. You've got 10 more hours to get a Steam key there!

| https://fervent.itch.io/cupidvn
Very dark, gothic VN with a damn good anime artstyle, damn good writing, and damn good music even if it is copyright free. For a free VN, has better quality than the majority of paid ones I've seen tbh. Has some nsfw scenes but is by no means a hentai game.

Copied this over from the other thread, the game is free on Steam too.

| Doki Doki Literature Club

| I see some Warframe enthusiasm. I like it (`∀´)

| War thunder

| if you pirate, everything is free!

| Ur Mum

Jk try Payday 2,I got it for free in steam

| i enjoy picross, so i was pleased when i saw a picross game for free on steam


| >>389232 since the games i've listed there were free for a limited time, i think the OP should be edited now that they are no longer free

| >>399647

Would you like me to unpin this thread and remake it?

| War thunder if you like tanks and planes

| RoboCraft if you like building weird shit and then shooting other players' weird shit with it.

| Team Fortress 2

| Any Sonic games or Sonic like games?

| Cs:go against bots

| I recommend "Shrouded in Sanity"

| >>393250
Ditto this, great homage to Ragnarok Online

| realm of the mad god if ya like perma death games

| Doki. Doki. Literature. Club.

I honestly enjoyed the game. Especially as a free game. It has some pretty interesting mechanics and I really enjoyed the dark as fuck, and unexpected, turns the game takes. Theres also really cool free mods out there for it. I highly suggest Doki Doki Rain Clouds if you get into the game and want a mod for afterwards.

| >>390745 I second OLDTV

| If you run out of salt you could give DotA2 a shot. Lot's of salt and russians, 10/10 would get salty again.

| Naissence will be free soon, fun cyberpunk game, inspired by blame, really good music:
https://steamcommunity.com/ games/265690/announcements/detail/2899644861063697503

| >>407709
Correct link

| >>498200
tf2 best free game

| Man, Awesomenauts is nice but the community is dying. Almost five minutes in the matchmaking. Even Battlerite takes less time than that.

| Emily Is Away is also worth a play.

| U can check out An Aspie Life (/app/786410/). It hss pretty backgrounds and shitty char pics... and a lot of panic attacks 4 a game dah will be beaten in half an hour c:

| Try Lunne, short but insanely good

| >>410421

| Yume Nikki, I don't think there's anybody here that dosen't know about this game


| >>405473 DON'T SPOIL THE PLOT!!!

| >>411178
Bruh it gives you a warning right off the bat

| Hello charlotte... only ch.1 is free but worth

| >>411178 yeah bbcakes it flat out tells you at the start of the game that it gets dark af, and also the games tags on steam mention that is a dark and psychological horror game

| >>389281 this Is really good. So disappoinment no one talks about.

| TOXIKK - classic style arena FPS for all who like Unreal Turnament 1

| >>403886 freedom planet. Honestly better than most sonic games. The only "problem" is that the bosses are pretty unbalanced in any difficult and they will fuck you up, but you can see it as a challenge.

| Unsure if anyone suggested this, Warframe is fucking awesome. It takes a bit of grinding and could be consitered p2p, but it's extremely easy to get more frames/weapons after learning how everything works. The community is also very helpful and generally are nice to new players, all loot is shared between players so there's not alot of toxicity. Iv only been playing for around 2 months and already have 3 prime frames. It also has a great story, I absolutely love it.

| I see it's been said a few times
and it will be said another time
Team Fortress 2 a great and still fairly popular F2P FPS

| Warframe is pretty good, but at endgame it's so annoying 'cause of too much grind

| try out toribash. it's pretty fun

| Deceit
Cry of fear
Magicka: Wizard Wars
What do you think?

| >>417093
what do you mean, plat is so easy to farm, fashionframe is easily achieved f2p except tennogen items

| SCP: Secret Laboratory
It's a good and fun multiplayer experience. The community that plays the game is pretty chill/memey.

| yume nikki is really good, there's also a free game called neotokyo on steam, it's a multiplayer fps with a ghost in the shell feeling, very few players but the ones that do play have a steam group where they post announcements whenever they play

| >>418043
Pretty tasty selection you got there fella ^_^
Ps: Sunrider ftw

| >>420601
Ghost in the shell standalone complex was such a good game, so sad nexon had to let it go T_T
Ps: Should also try Dystopia if you are in to that kind of vive, it is also a Hl2 mod, fun if you have friend to play with.

| Has anyone here liked Hawken in the past? If so, I could link the private server that is up for it currently.

| It actually has private servers? Shit I thought it would have been dead forever.

| How about Return?

| Metro 2033 is free for a limited time on steam, get it now and own it forever!!!
Its a good game bout ruskies, get it now desu :3

| Mabinogi is still kicking

| >>424070 Should i really give it a try, despite the fact that it's published and developed by nexon?

>captcha says fro inonu sluts

| Relic Hunters Zero

| >>425335
This! Ahh, I can't wait for Legend!

| >>421637 Nexon *didn't* have to kill it. They just can't be bothered to actually put in the effort to make a good game when their money making machine Maplestory is still kicking out the dollars.

| Destiny 2 is free on battle.net until November 18th

| >>444553
(Worth playing)

| >>445132
That it is not

| Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
A Co-op top-down shooter for up to 8 players.

| Warframe: Best space ninja farming simulator ever! Now with dank sick hoverboard!!!

| >>460980 it's way more fun if you ignore enemies and just speedrun jumping and dashing through objectives.

| Survarium is alright but you'll get rektd on the lower teirs

| >>103df0 Well, yeah that makes sense, still, they could just release the unfinished game so you can create a private server, I miss penetrating people with my wrist blade as Paz, gess I will just have to wait until Cp2077 comes out.
And for the free game ZOMBIE PANIC SOURCE, old hl2 mod with quite an active comunity and some interesting gameplay, come on gurls, give it a try :3

| Black squad? (Poor man csgo) or maybe evo online (toxic peeps tho)

| Heya

| >>825932 Sup

| MapleStory 2?

| >>496290 Don't

| >>db1e24 He is right you know

| >>425619 +1

| CS:GO is free now.

| This thread is really out of date now since several of the games listed are no longer free/on sale, so I'm unpinning it. If you would like a new thread or a re-pin, let me know.

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