Please Play: Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo.

| You want a unique horror mystery visual novel that just ozzes of style? Amazingly written mystery? Awesome soundtrack? Great characters? Mind fucky twists and turns? Dynamic visuals and great artsyle made by the same person of drew for the TWEWY series? Clever puzzles?

Then please play Paranormasight: The seven mysteries of Honjo.

Believe me, try it out, cause this game delivers.

| Oh that does look pretty cool. I might even buy it today, since it's on sale for another 19 hours or so.

You win this round, targeted advertiser.

| Been on my wishlist. Maybe someday I'll have the time to play a new adventure mystery game...

| Is OP talking about dokidoki-like? I don't want to read ^^

| >>1019504 You could always just look at the pictures.

| >>1019504
nah it seems closer to a traditional detective mystery game vn like Famicom Detective Club than it does dokidoki.

| Is this an ad?

| >>1019582 Nah, just someone who loved the shit out of a game and is dumbfounded that it didn't get the reconigtion it deserved. It's borderline criminal how this game just flew past so many people's radar.

| >>1019658 Well I guess I'll check it out then.

| >>1019687 heck yeah!

| Is it an eroge?

| It's in my steam library and I will continue to ignore it

| >>1019837 Did you read.

| >>1019844 DON'T! PLAY IT!

| >>1019863 no

| wait, I seen this before! it's the game that jump scare you the first time they let you move the camera.

| /v/ talking about an actual cool game instead of bias from obscurity game??? I have seen everything

| >>1019844
Same. But thanks to this post, maaaaybe I'll play it one day

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