| why is this the way it is, pls explain
this one is based on the same code but with adjustments that i just...dont like at all

but better than the other one...sort of

| If you're gonna keep stuck on the same thing for like what? Half a year? idk I don't really remember, maybe just maybe, you should try different approches? Start by stop being a retard and keep asking on this half dead board. Now that's a 600k idea

| >>1019273 clearly you dont notice the change in the fucking bits, so maybe go back to your 3d modelling, since maybe, just maybe, you lack any fucking talent on any game making or whatsoever, or even the notion of understanding the meaning of "different approaches" that comes out of your mouth, blabbering like you are even remotely experienced but completely offtrack

>half dead
i can see now wheres your limited vocabulary from. nice 600k idea. good thing you are not part of it.

| >>1019276 I know it seem impossible for you to let go of your "me versus them" mentality, since you don't seem to have a mental capacity to contruct a non-hostile relationship with anyone. But keep on repeating the same thing over and over for years not gonna change anything, And making a thread "seeking help" but never actually try to help yourself will only waste your own time. Lying to yourself about doing "math" or making "game" is pure delusional and you know it.

| Kinda weird when you telling rando to go 3d modeling lol, coincidentally yes, I will. because I have thing to finish and not just to post on a textboard. Try posting a finished product for once in your life, other than shitty a scribble for a change maybe?

| >>1019282 yea but you are them,kek, cuz I don't know YU a she or he, moron.

Also be even mildly, or slightly, artistically rational? And not act like a methnotmath-busted, 3d software addict play pretend knowing anything close to coding, so I am actually seeking help, and not, reeducating you on English, cunt
>>1019283 what scribble? Did you schizoed my mp4 to your own
Selfcentrd pastel chalk diary on asphalts?
Pls explain more. I m interested to be insulted by the disattachment.

| >>1019283 >3d
>Which word of mine
>Tiny nonsense
>My weekness
Goddamn it, Parker. Back to the outfit. I don't have that much of time teaching you a b c again

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