another one of those gotcha gaym threads but this time it's zzz

| my phone can't run it :(

| I'll sleep on it, zzz

| Z! Z! Z! ZZZ! Eto Z blayt! Eto pobeda!!

| I was just playing ZZT earlier. But I don't recall it being a gotcha game.

| ask the old man in the park to let you borrow his phone

| I only play Hoyo games on my gaming PC these days lmao. They're only "for mobile" if you have a high-end tablet.

| It's a shame your phone can't run it, but it's a necessary evil for the sake of robust boob physics.

| Zzz it's fucking awesome!! The combat (hard mode) feeels just right!
I recommend it, 9/10

| If you filled out the survey it's surprising how one to one sine of the design choices ended up being. Though I guess it could have also existed to justify alreadyade ones.

| Yeah I just played it recently, pretty good game. Is there a PC port of it yet through, cause it eats my phone battery Hella fast.

| >>1019110 pretty sure it released alongside a pc port

| Id like to try it. But, gacha game :/

| >>1019113 Same. I'd give it a shot if it weren't a gacha game.

Though, g/u/rls who've played it, how gacha-game is it?

| Tell me the difference of gachas and cigs

| between*

| >>1019118 cigs kill you slowly, facha kill you quickly

| >>1019144 Give me a cigarette, an unsuspecting victim, and enough time to sharpen said cigarette and I'll show you otherwise.

| >>1019158 you should also try making cigs into a rope too

| >>1019112 Nice

| The only gatcha game I tried to get into was Limbus Company.
I just feel like there something about gatcha games that encourage devs to drip feed a sense of progression for as long as possible.
I get that they aren't a pure Skinner box but it always feels like their blurring the line between cookie clicker and actual decision making.

| >>1019144 okay but is it less painful than the rope or not?

| >>1019247
Limbus company has such and aesthetic but I was scared off by the gatcha. Thoughts?

| >>1019247
It's not a feeling, it's real, but it's not exactly a gacha thing. It's a forever-games live-service thing. They're designed to last practically forever and they want you to stick around for the long haul.

It's not by itself a bad model. It's nice to have something to come back to every day and have updates to look forward to, but it can be oddly demanding.

| >>1019251
Just play Library of Ruina

| >>1019251 just read the story on YT, and never touch the game

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