Steam Summer Sale

| What did you g/u/rls get?

| Main game I got was that Touhou RPG "The Genius of Sappheiros" that some g/u/rl mentioned here awhile back. Finding it darn good.

Also got that other Touhou RPG "Imaginary Dream in Arcadia," plus more other games than worth listing because I had some birthday money to blow.

One of the games I got that I finished the other day, since it was a rather short one, was this neat RPG (another RPG) called "Helen's Mysterious Castle" that had a neat combat system and nice everything else.

| I got Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion and Balatro

| While not really on sale i got elden ring's dlc. Im still looking for another game but im not quite sure what i want

| Elona, Celeste, Wither 3, Arma 3, bloons td6, castle crashers, forza horizon 4, BF 2042... Thinking about wildlands but i will may skip it

| elona

| I got Cryptmaster, it's really fun!

| >>1018861 unironically one of the most fun game's i've played in a while, good taste

| >>1018802 you want Stone Ocean

| >>1018877 sorry g/u/rl. I got bomb rush cyberfunk

| >>1018877 Sorry g/u/rl. I got a pipe bomb.

| Heaven Will Be Mine, Wolfstrider, and Guilty Gear 2: That Weird One That's Not A Fighting Game.

At this point I've accepted that there's a very low chance that I'll play the games I buy there, so I just go with whatever's dirt cheap and interesting.

| >>1018912 dirt cheap? I recommend the very early thief games

| >>1018912 Played some of Heaven Will Be Mine a couple years ago. Found it rather hard to follow at times.

| >>1018908 valid alternative

| I just picked up senran kagura peach ball. I've never played a senran kagura game, but I do like pinball.

| Rabbit & Steel

| Buy the hyperdimension neptunia series

| >>1019209 I've had I think the first game in that series in my library for ages. Saving it for my darkest hour.

| Neptunia 7 is peak

| >>1019210

| I'm surprised that Rayman Origins didn't come with any drm(including being able to play it outside of steam). Crazy that there was a point in time where Ubisoft didn't force Uplay on you for their new games.
other than that another highlight was Kowloon High-school Cronicle

| >>1019243 Thank you.

| Got Picayune Dreams. Love it

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