Milk outside a Bag of Milk

| worth it g/u/rls?
thoughts and experiences?

| Pretty neat and the art was nice, but I feel like the first game was a tighter and more focused experience. It didn't really need a sequel.

| Cool game. like the gurl above me said tho, First one was where it should end.

| >another game series about mentally ill women
how fucking original

| >>1018335 you are the reason we are mentally ill

| >>1018337 poggers.

| i prefer milk inside a bag of milk ;-;

| I prefer milk theft

| >>1018335
CURE THEM ALREADY I’m having a tough time

| I bought it ages ago and I haven't even played it yet...

| No games about boys with mental illness because nobody cares,we live in a society

| >>1018404 its pretty short. I did enjoy the more polished UI of the second game though

| I'd say I prefer the first game over the sequel, as >>2159bf says the former is a tighter experience (and thus shorter, less endings, so easier to replay when I feel like it), but I also thoroughly enjoyed the sequel. Both are good.

| >>1018410 boys got Neon Genesis Evangelion

| >>1018311 Yes

| It's the best thing to come out of the Russo weeb sphere tbh.

A lot of them have edge but aren't interested in being interesting. This does a good balance of naval gazing and treating ones angst/mental illness as a world to explore.

They're next project looks ambitious and will probably come out before nirvana.

| >>1018433 So true.

| >>1018311
Not as good as elona

| >>1018487 id really love to get more into the russian weeb community where do they gather? (besides here)

| Apparantly miabom creator is making something new now

| >>1018786 Can't wait to see whatever it is.

| >>1018783 they won't pay you 50k silly

| >>987327 id probably start with itch.io or if you're autistic enough track em down on vndb

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