What are the best co-op or multiplayer games to play with friend or family on your home?

| I'm talking about fighting games, co-op shooters, lighter games similar to moving out 2, any game that is fun with multiple people playing at your home, any recommendations? And oh yeah, for ps4.

| duck game
towerfall ascension
tricky towers
gang beasts
these are generally what we play.

| Are you talking about mobile gaming or portable consoles or do ya'll drag that TV or PC up to the roof every time it's time to game or what?

| Can I come to your house and play games? That sounds like lots of fun. I better get something like that too some day : 3

| Stone ocean

| >>1018127
??? Have you never played a console game co-op? Never played a game in the living room? That's sad

| >>1018123
Towerfall mentioned!

Also I can add Overcooked, Cook Serve Delicious, Battleblock Theater. Battle Chef Brigade also has a fun versus mode but it's mostly single-player.

| >>1018123 noted, and aw hell yeah, gangbeasts, i should've thought about that one. Classic.

| >>1018129 If i could open a magic portal through time and space: "yes"

| >>1018165 noted as well, overcooked is also a pretty damn good one if not hilariously frustating, yeah- yeah! I'll be sure to get that one.

| Full Metal Furies is an absolutely fantastic one. Very fun co-op beat-em-up.

| >>1018123 If you get Towerfall make sure to get the Dark World DLC (or maybe it comes with the game nowadays – at least it does on Switch) otherwise the co-op mode is only 2 players.

Though the real meat of the game is versus, which is dang fun.

| I love sex.

| >>1018163
I play all my games in the living room and not on my house like OP does.

| left 4 dead 1

| >>1018117 for a 1v1 fighting game there is nothing cooler than "Nidhogg"
It's got style, it's simple, yet hard to master. and local coop is always more fun because you can tickle and kiss your opponent.

| >>1018117
Party Animals and Jackbox are both couch multiplayer compatible which is always some good fun. It's what my friends pull out when we don't want to take turns playing fighting game 1v1s or something, preferably with a couple drinks in already.

| Nintendo switch

| elona

| genuinely l4d/l4d2

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