Rock and Stone

| Did I hear a rock and stone?

| Rock and Stone, brother!

| Stone ocean?

| Hey, what's the difference between Rock, and Stone?

| Yeah! Rock abd stone!

| i prefer hearth and stone

| >>1018236
You means Ommoran?

| I love Molly.

| Cock and Bone

| >>1018266 omno what? idk i main priest

| >>1018345
Ah, understood.
I meant that Ommoran heartstone core from Escort duty on Hoxxes IV in Deep Rock Galactic (the Game).

| >>1018376 i still don't understand you:c *using mind control to steal your card*

| *(the game).

| >>1018576
"Rock and stone" is a visiting phrase spoken by dwarf miners in deep space (see post in this thread) in mentioned (computer) game. You wrote
> i prefer hearth and stone
So I thought about Ommoran (the heartstone core),
I hope you will get it now.

| >>1018576
And get back my cards, you! [saying as grumpy cat]

| >>1018596 playing your ">>1018595" again you, *copying 2 random cards from your deck*

| *>>1018595

| >>1018837
Huh!? Are you tracer like Archer from "Fate/Stay night"? Stop "cheating" and fighting honestly, or I will start to install them (cards) , and we shall see who is Master chief!

| >>1018849 maybe little~ but your cards are cute~ ohh you have this strongest card in your deck, wouldn't mind if i will get it before you righht? But don't worry i will play with few copy mibions also.. ohh wait you dared to play your strongest card first?! Nevermind, i have many shadow spells also i will just destroy them to restore myself or may take it so i can play it also~ it will be much fun play together!! ^^

| usually i don't do that, I'm somehow average Priest enjoying Wild so you won't see me in standard but if you (or anyone else you would want play HS with me my battle.net is nextx#2362)

It would be fun play with you g/u/rls ^^

| >>1018851
Huh? Do you think this card is the strongest, seriously? Bah! You haven't seen anything yet. I'll save the strongest card for now. And such "arrogance" [veins bulged in temples] deserves a Dragu slave (distorted over time "Dragon slayer" the spell strongest in dark (or black) magic), get ready!

| >>1018852
Em, sorry, I am not playing in HS. >//<

| God, this is such a good episode of power ranger i'd tell you what bobby. *munches on PF Changs*

| >>1019076
power ranger? Em, I reffered to Slayers and, may be say, to Fate/Stay night? Whatever, in PW was a card system?

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