games on your phone

| i want games on my phone. do you have games on your phone? which ones? let me see.

| Uhm I have choose your own adventure but you have to write it first in obsidian. Can I see yours? Can I see yours?

| I just have neko atsume and sky children of the light. I used to have dont starve but im not a fan of touch controls (speaking of, i dont even play sky on mobile)

| My favourite mobile game is "Battle Cats." It's pretty fun.

| i have nintendo emulator only. it has advance wars dor and prof layton. Good to pass time.

| Stone ocean

| We got threads like this like once a month or so. It's just funny it keeps popping up.

Nobody asks for "games on your ps5" because none of the g/u/rls here can afford one I guess.

| No but when I get a job I’m going to save up for big purchases: 3

| >>1017720 nobody asks for games on ps5 because there are none

| >>1017720 I think this is because discoverability with regard to mobile games is much lower compared to consoles and computers. The state and recommendations of app stores is abysmal compared to the counterparts in other platforms.

| dicey dungeons is really good for mobile

| Skullgirls mobile is a fun fighting/gatcha game

| I have VA-11 Hall-A and that's it.

| >>1017932
The last x86 phone was discontinued 8 years ago. Kudos for sticking with ancient hardware!

| >>1018001 It ran perfectly on my old Galaxy S6. It's a bit scuffed on my S20 but I could fix that if I learn gamemaker

| >>1018008
I didn't know gamemaker had arm support, or did you emulate it?

| I think it's pretty fun to see out of the loop peoples

| It's also surprising how it doesn't get talked about much more often when it's so in topic for out board

it is my life
it is my love

I also got Infinity Blade on my phone but it crashes on start up, but having it on my screen is a mark of pride

| Elona

| Elona x Wooden ocean collab when

| Just get an emulator and play ds games gurl

| >>1018380 it is in /d/ i have wood again;-;

| Just get a boyfriend and play with his weewee

| >>1018579 stop playing with me ;-;

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