Don't play Wooden Ocean

| There's been recommendations for Wooden Ocean on here. Do not play this satanic indie game
It has consumed my life and my very being
I have been playing it every day for over month now and I can't stop and I can't stop thinking about it
I'm two seconds away from changing my legal name to that of a character from the game
I'm writing a philosophical essay about it
Don't play this game
It's fucking cursed
You will not escape
Forever feeding The Blood Altar

| You will turn into the lowest form of pretentious degenerate, you will altar your life
You will spread the virus like a hivemind
You will become part of the propaganda machine for this disgusting weapon in video game form that altars your brainwaves
You won't escape The Wooden Ocean
There's only entry into this machine
Avoid it while you can

| Post the essay I'll read it

| >>1017579
It's not finished and not actually philosophy, but if the thread is still up when I finish I'll link it. It's just a really fucking long Tumblr post divided into parts that somehow wraps up and has a point though

| Stone ocean?

| >>1017651
I hate you lol

| >>1017606
I WILL keep this thread alive THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!! (never saw that movie looked terminally slave brained but love martyrdom and epic last stands so much pretty much only thing I can even cry over anymore)

| >>1017685
My brain is shutting down tryna respond to this, but I have been continuing to write! So yh if you keep it alive for a little whilee that would probably be enough for it to get posted here
Probably not the best idea to put a personal account on here now that I think about it but fuck it we ball

| >>1017685 so cool! (I don't know anything about you and how you've live your life till today or which tv show you've watched as a kid, I like to wonder about how many steps each gurl walks in average per day, have I already mentioned that I like cutting watermelons when it rains? It's an hobby of mine to celebrate the day off the farmers would get. Btw(by the way), I'm currently thinking about how to build a dog house for my dog, it's certain I'll not make a honeyfarm the same day)

| >>1017689
We ball!!!

| >>1017713
That’s lovely g/u/rl. I hope the Mellon pickers are resting well today : )

| I am taking steps right now : )

| i started playing it because of previous thread and it's ok so far. But I'm afraid I will get lost at some point

| >>1017807
Getting lost is sort of the point I think. When I stopped tryna follow the main story and just wandered wherever I felt like the game started feeling kinda like Yume Nikki or something but with combat and loot and all that. Like an exhibition of different ideas that somehow comes together to form something coherent the more you explore. Also, since the main story is very spread out and can be done somewhat out of order you kinda naturally end up doing it just by playing

| I was just exploring and thinking I was exclusively doing side content, but suddenly multiple of the storylines I naturally came across through exploration started crossing over and suddenly I was on the path to the "true ending" and in the appropriate level range for it
Maybe I just got lucky, but that seems to be roughly the experience of most who have finished it so far (aside from those following guides just tryna blast through it ofc)

| Do people who play video games have lots of friends or religions or something to support them on their journey? I feel sad and overwhelmed playing them, and they don’t matter much to me, because I feel like it’s all so fake. I can literally just change the screen to say I won instead of playing. With books. I can enjoy a new story, but games literally don’t let me have it unless i ‘deserve’ it on their eyes.

| >>1017861
I think that's just called having depression g/u/rl, but I feel you. Living with someone has actually made playing games more enjoyable for me. Even if we're sitting in silence on different sides of the room and just occasionally looking over at what the other one is playing, it makes the experience better for me. In a way, religion too. I enjoy analysing games from various perspectives as I play, and my beliefs obviously play a role in how I conceptualise certain things

| >>1017906
Yeah I always held back as a kid from doing things I enjoy, so games were kind of a waiting for something better to come along activity. That sounds really nice with your gurl: )

| >>1017960
Yeah, just ain't everybody's thing ay
Thank you!! <3

| I am going to go for a run outside to train to get stamina for your wooden ocean post

| >>1018051
Yk, it really is taking a stupid amount of time, probably cause I'm taking it too seriously lol
Had a conversation with someone who delves into the code of an finds ways to break games (and hass been very active with Wooden Ocean) yesterday to get a better understanding of that side of things for part 2.2 and 2.3
Should be able to finish up those tonight though, and I got a pretty solid outline for most of Part 3 and after that is basically just the conclusion so to speak

| Each part has an "introduction" and 3 sections, and everything up to 2.1 has been fully written then added to and refined to the point I'd say they're fully done

| If this fever dream thread has somehow intrigued anyone, the game is on sale rn

| Don't play wooden ocean, i got wood from it and people laughted to me and made me cry

| >>1018141
*kisses your pretty wood, and kisses you * mwah

| >>1018141
I feel you g/u/rl :(

| Oh. ID change. Still me though

| I am-

| Not playing wood ocean =)

| >>1018142 it's don't works as this, go away! ;-;

| >>1018237
I’m sorry I think you look nice

| OP what have you done? Now im playing wooden ocean!

| >>1018279
Fuck!! Another one falls :(

| >>1018279 try it's sequel, Stone ocean too!

| >>1018262 no i'm ugly and not look girly enough, go away ;-;

| >>1018346
I think you have a pretty smile, and if others don’t like you, they’re not nice enough

| Is swan lake a crypto-sequel to stone ocean and wooden ocean?

| >>1018482
If you mean the Barbie of Swan Lake: The Enchanted Forest then you're almost correct. That's a cannon prequel

| >>1018056
Hype hype hype don’t get burned out gurl we (I am a royal) are all cheering for you!

| >>1018523
Hope you're not expecting too much now. It's just, like, roughly 5 paragraphs per subpart. Just enjoying the process. Very chill to just learn new things while thinking about how to write the next part throughout the day and put some words down in the evening (I'm also in the process of moving irl, so, yk)
That said though, there's like a 50% chance it'll be ready to post tomorrow

| >>1018524
That sounds really nice. I hope you enjoy the process : )

| >>1018383 ;-; i need a hugs

| >>1018582
I kinda did too lately. Mmmmmm gloomph hug hug <3 you’re a nice gurl <3 and you make us all happy to read your posts <3

| I’m going to write too while I wait! (Easier said than done hahaha)

| >>1018570
It's been very fun!! Earlier today I rewatched the Wocean content I watched after beating it to make sure I wasn't accidentally copying nothing lol, and just now I finished writing part 3.3, which means, I'm done!!
Well, basically. Tomorrow I'll read it over a couple times and type up a little section talking a bit about the process and crediting all the community members who's work I linked/referenced throughout and put all the links in one place

| That's very quick though, that's casual. I'd do it rn if it wasn't 4am

Ooh!! Good luck!!

| Thanks gurl : ) (I didn’t actually write : ( )

| It is done


| >>1018762
You're finally free!!

| Ikr. What will I do with my life now without my own world of exploration and gameplay loop? I liked the essay well enough, but idk I don’t feel like I learned anything really new. I knew people make games and they can be interesting and there are nice game developers. Congrats on the name though : )
Maybe I’m just tired idk

| >>1018822
It was never intended to be educational. Just wanted to rant about and show some love for a game and community I like, so, I'd consider that a success!!
Maybe the word "essay" and my jokey exaggeration in the initial post gave the impression of it being educational. Technically I think it'd be categorised as an "informal essay", which basically just means "essay with unconventional structure about whatever tf", aka just a fancy term for a rant with a theme in text form

| Thank you for being weirdly dedicated to reading this mess though, idk what compelled you to do this but it's funny af ngl
Oh and tysm with the name thing too!! That's very sweet

| Thanks <3 I’m glad you got to write it

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