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Do you skip cutscenes?

| I don't mean on replays. I mean on your first playthrough. I've done this lately for games where the story doesn't interest me at all. That doesn't mean I don't try to watch them, but some get really boring and never hook me.

| Only during sex scene in eroge. Don't @ me

| If you ask me this last month, I'd scoff. Of course I watch all the cutscenes, they're part of the game!

But then I started playing this game with excellent combat and the most boring story I've ever seen and I start to appreciate that Skip Cutscene button.

| >>1016847
What game?

| I don't, even if they're not that interesting. I try to watch everything and just think about something else if they're extremely boring (I don't usually get bored easily with stories I'd say)
I skip sex cutscenes sometimes

| >>1016852 such a innocent g/u/rl

| >>1016835 >>1016852 >skipping sex scenes

| >tfw an eroge gives you vital informations of the character's personality and intentions only in h-scenes.

| >>1016893 that's why you only read the early text and after sex, when they just start moaning that a cue to hold down ctrl

| >>1016896 >doesn't put it on auto-mode, put a veil to cover screen, get out of the room and make sure to close the door properly and wait till they stop moaning.
Try with treating your homies properly

| >>1016899 ok gurl, my bad my bad

| >>1016899
Omg and you didn’t skip too so they can have their fun you’re an inspiration g/u/rl. I’ll light some Candles for them next time too.

| >>1016848 monster hunter rise

| >>9480a4 The cutscenes for the monsters are Hella good though.

| yes. if i wanted to watch a movie, i'd be on netflix. kojima can suck my sweaty g/u/rlballs

| I never skip cutscenes, if might as well not play the game if I'm gonna skip the story.

| depends on how invested I am, but it could honestly vice versa. I remember at some point I stopped giving a shit about neir automata's gameplay and just did bare minimum to at least get the gist of what I was supposed to feel.

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This thread is permanently archived