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| Hello, i'm thinking to buy new headset, my Arctis 5 is little wearing out and i would need replacement.. I don't need them instantly, i can may wait for half-year if is there something going to release soon etc.. but i would may curious what you could recommend me, what you personally use or what you may wish to get. My badget is around 160€ max. Arctis line made me really awesome wow effect when was released, it was something branding new and beating everything but now, i feel

| that is there something what could do Arctis better, and Arctis Nova 7 make me think that they could do things better, but somehow they don't totally. I will probably end up to buy them, but somehow i think, is there something better what i could choose from?

| try with DCA Expanse, absolutely amazing

| >>1016557 Dan Clark Expanse? As i said, 160€ not 3400€, also i require microphone.

| I've been using oe-756 for a decade-ish, it's really is the best light-weight 'gaming' headphone, although I don't use it's headphone michophone; it's there

| Something something vrchat

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This thread is permanently archived