any game for this feel?

| a ton of micro mechanics, huge map with interactive environment, free to play, rewards for risking, a bunch of obscure mechanics and lore, the main combat system is uncanny and many can't even get through the first layers of interactions without losing something.
Also it's roguelike and your starting set up is pure RNG.
Tutorial is seemsly useless and can't even teach you the barebone of the game.
Game over is heavely punished.

Preferibly ad-free and with a good soundtrack.

| wow you've managed to describe the worst game i've ever heard of
go ask on /r/darksouls or sth

| Mahjong

| minesweeper

| Dwarf Fortress?

| You're thinking of 52 pick-up.

| Caves of Qud

>free to play
What, can't spend a few dollars for the highly specific game you want? Caves of Qud if someone buys it for you

| >>1013525 Agreed, you can eliminate that ftp requirement by either stealing from or manipulating others to get it for you if you cant afford things. You will find any of your strangely specific game searching significantly easier if you have a... source of funding. Money makes the world go 'round, and that goes for the virtual world too.

| grrr serious talker poster is making my thread go wtf how dare this patty looking homo-sapiens(person) tries to get away by using the blue guy's shiny glitters :O Totally needs a nanny nanny's lecture! #_# it ain't logical to be like you birth here and you die there to make an overly long shitpiss to mention vr @.@

| You're very efficient at causing a stroke.

| Noita.

| >>1013544
Okay but first of all, your shitpost is not funny, and second, shitpost or no, Caves of Qud fulfill literally everything you said aside from the FTP.

And despite what >>1013503 said, Caves of Qud is a fantastic game, you should absolutely check it out.

| >tfw you miss

| >>1013501
play ccda

| Dwarf fortress adventure mode?

| Dwarf fortress adventure mode?

| Not elona

| crusader kings 3

| Play Genshin Impact

| >>1013942 >

| Elin

| Adom, tales of maj eyal, nethack, cdda cataclysm dark days ahead or dwarf fortress

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