Aminal Well

| I like the animal and the well :3
Kinda weird that it's from the Dunkey publishing studio but also if he has good cuts and helped make this game exist then that's pretty cool ig
But yeah incredible level design and so fun and such cool tools and stuff and atmosphere and stuff is top tier and it's good time

| I'm having a great time with it as Well.

The items you get are pretty unique. I recommend to anybody interested in the game to avoid watching the trailer, since it shows off the first few items which I'd reckon would be much cooler if experienced blind.

| >>1013377
I second that! I'm glad I started without watching much promo first. It's not a big deal if you do cause the game is so creative there's no way you can predict all the uses for these items, but, yeah!!
If it interests you just get it and start exploring

| Overhyped because no other games have released in ages and its only competition when it did release was a broken buggy cat game

| >>1013579 Bullshit take imo

Plenty of good recent games have been at our fingertips and, while there may have been a mass exodus of players from the whole Snoy V Helldivers situation looking for a new title, this game earned it's playerbase. Plus, lack of competition is expected when a game is unique for it's time.

Granted, no game is without it's flaws or designated audience, and this is no exception. Not gonna take GOTY. Still a good game for those who enjoy the genre though.

| >>1013579
Hades 2 just came out lmao
Stellar Blade
The crab souls game
A Toriyama game
It's been selling less than that cat game you mentioned
It's not even remotely touching V Rising which dropped only 1 day earlier

There would need to be actual hype for it to be overhyped, but the only people talking about it is the YouTuber who gets 20% of the revenue from it and weird nerds online

| >>1013579
EXTREMELY funny thing to say even if you just consider Hades 2 is a few days before it.

| Hades 2 is literally an early access title

| >>1013612
And it's still way more popular than Animal Well lol, that's the point

Also I reached the credits of this game!! Very fun game. Not gonna give any final thoughts since it seems like the post game might be half the game lol, but even if the game was just what I've played so far I'd be very happy with it tbh :3
It's very refreshing to play a game that just lets you play it. No dialogue, no tutorial windows, just really good level design that communicates with the player

| Can you have sex in this game?

| >>1013377
Thanks for telling us that. I added the game to my wishlist a while ago because the graphics were cool and figured I'd watch more to make up my mind, but because of you girls I'll buy it and play it blind.

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