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| Does anyone here play?
And if you do did you roll for the Railgun students?
(I wasted 22800 pryos to get both of them.)

| uooooohhhhh ToT

| btw thanks for letting me borrow your girls
I'm really appreciating your collab with mahjong soul

| Ehhhhh, I'm old and play gfl

| when will people treat student-teacher relationship in media like incest?

| When people stop whacking it to power imbalances in porn, so neva eva

| How much is 22800 pryos in real life money?

| >>1013073 assuming all of those pryo are paid and not counting taxes,

119.85 USD if she only buy monthly pack for 15 month

160 USD if she buy the 6.6K pack 2 time which is the exact amount

surely OP have stack of free pyro saved up too. could have paid a real JK to fuck in misaka cosplay with this money tho fr fr

| >>1012858 Hey gfl comrade. Ive played a fangame recently I think its name was girls frontline shootout. Its quite fun

| >>b1b56f looks cute, reminds of that one zombie game on new grounds that destroyed my mouse from decades ago

| I haven't played it yet, but I love the blue archive fandom

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