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| Apparently, in order to play Helldivers 2, you now need to link your account to a Playstation network account. Now people in the Philippines can't play it at all, since PSN isn't available over there.

Very weird call to only just now enforce this after 3 months of it being out.

| >>1012591 no one said it publically yet, but ghost of tsushima will have PS Overlay. All what i say now are my thoughts and not official informations, but very likely all PS games will get this overlay and linking with account too, and potentially (if Sony will want it) can may exists Sony's PC digital store with games. It's not something what would they definitely do it, but closing people in own ecosystem is what all big publishers do, EA (Origin) CD Project (GOG), Act-Bliz

| Battle.net, Ubisoft (UPlay), Bethesda with Bethesda Launcher, Epic, Gaijin, Wargaming, Warner etc.

| Honestly i don't know about what is life in Philippines like, but can may help you VPN? If not, you can may hope make update or write to support.. but i don't know if it will really help

| elona

| 50k gets fucking countrybanned from helldivers [see how!]

| >>1012617 now need 50k airplane ticket to play helldivers again xd

| They should have made an incentive to link PSN account instead of forcing everyone to do it. If you get a cool cape for voluntary linking then I bet my right ovary people will make an account like mad.

| This is why I miss physical media on PC.

The convenience you demanded is now mandatory etc.

That aside shit like this killed fall guys for me after buying it full price on steam then a year or two later being told you need am epic games account to continue playing. Fuck triple a scumfuck companies.

| >>1012713 i don't know if you realise clearly that distribution have nothing do it about. most people don't use blu-ray drive, DVD are small, and anyway if you download anything, it have patches after. I can't imagine any live-service game which would works without DRM. You can buy games on GOG, and have pretty much same experience, archive it on some HDD (burn on dvd if you want to) and have thing what you want, but all games require internet with opposite to PS2 for example

| >>1012713 honestly i would be curious, tell me single game which is:

1. distributed over physical distribution
2. is connected to main global server(s) provided by developer
3. Didn't made update/made update but you could refuse

| I really want to play helldivers 2, so badly, but I'm not going to until Psn is optional. Literally just make it so non psn users can't cross play. Literally just do that Sony, so retarded

| >>1012797 it's little funny, that not many people complain about steam, uplay, origin etc. but when one game which could be theoretically PS5 exclusive get on PC everyone cry like Sony bad xd i really wait when will GT7 get to pc with psn overlay in day 1 xd

| >>1012594
Apparently the game is also now not purchasable on Steam in the Philippines (and also wherever PSN isn't available) and they're refunding everyone who bought it from there, so they can't even do that.

| >>1012820 ohh it's sad, something similar i have about dead or alive xtreme venus

| check twitter fellas

sony backed off

| theyve still forever tained their name and scarred helldivers as a result, but they said they wont go through with the requirement

everyone can dive together again once steam relists

| Once again fellow helldivers, have you shown exemplary grit and freedom spreading. With Sony making psn optional for all, I have made my review positive and shall start diving again.

| We all now end our strike against corporate abuse, for the tyranny is over. Spread the good word of managed democracy, and get back to crushing those amalgamations of sheet metal and dissapointment who so oppose freedom.

| >>1012851 lol use gog or something and replace one corp by another.. xd if you was serious you should use linux

| Wait if Sony walked it back, what happened to all the refunded copies? Did they unrefund it? Or well I guess they can just buy the game again (rip if there's anyone who got it on sale though)

| >>1012864 let's all torrent and fuck all corp equally

>>1012879 pretty sure this game never gone on sale

| yea i dont remember a sale hitting

those who want to come back now that the corpo isn't sticking their dick in it will, and those who had their fill and want to move on have their 40 back

honestly, im okay with this outcome

| >>1012890 i don't judge, torrenting is option of course, but i don't think you will torrent mmo really.. but if all people was torrenting there wouldn't be games as helldivers really

| >>1013029 can't win without some sacrifices

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