What is wrong with Milestone? (game publisher)

| I'm not fan of racing games, but as person who would consider to start playing one.. i'm thinking.. so, we have here MotoGP 24, 23, 22.. (decades back) for motorbikes right? fine, but than why we have here Ride? some kind of arcade motorbikes? ok but why 5 of them? nevermind, and what even is MXGP? Or Monster Energy? SBK? Ducati? Valentino Rosi? how i can even know what is "best", "ultimate" racing motorbike game? are they somehow connected or anything? and why i should upgrade

| for example from monster energy 3 to monster energy 5 when i can buy different motorbike game which have also 5 in name probably.. it's just no makes sense to me.. I feel that even Gundam games are more logical than this

| I mean I think that's just any long running franchise to the uninitiated.It seems they're like fifa where they just pump out sequels every year. I'm sure you try looking up some tier list of the 55+ racing games these guys have made.
Or try looking at some of the reviews/community posts on steam to see which games still have a player base.

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