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Touhou RPGs??

| I'm completely new to Touhou. The only characters I recognise are the most heavily memed ones and ik nothing about them. But cause I love SMT mechanics and have been playing a lot of indie RPGs recently, I've been playing Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia, and this game goes so fucking harf omgg
So now I'm wondering if there's any other good RPGs I've been missing out on cause of my Touhou ignorance

| Also, I'm not big into bullet hells, but stuff like how this game has a little bullet hell mini-game instead of traditional SMT negotiations, that's super fun. I love little sprinkles of bullet hell, but I'm not looking for something that's majority bullet hell

| Eratoho

| >>1009834 based era game enjoyer

| elona

| Just to check, but you do know the only "official" Touhou games are the bullet hells and fighting games, right? Everything else, including this SMT-inspired one, is fangame?

Welcome to Touhou, either way!

| I don't know what a tow hoe is but it sounds like it has L rizz and gets ratio'd daily. -Hatsune Miku

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Yeah, ik lol. Should I have specified?

Thank you!!

| Labyrinth of Touhou and The Genius of Sappheiros. That's it. It won't get any better for rpg oriented fanmade games.

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Ty g/u/rl!! This is exactly what I was looking for <3

| I was a big fan of Touhou Pocket Wars. The gameplay loop is pretty simple (it's all menu based), but the combat system was fun and I haven't seen anything comparable to it.

It's pre-Steam and Taiwanese, though, so might be hard to get a copy (legit or otherwise). There's a full English fan-translation for the first game, but the second game only have a partial one.

| And if you like Pokemon, the Touhou Puppet Play series of romhacks are pretty good. They don't just replace the Pokemon, but also have new typing, new moves, and sometimes new story and regions too. This page got a list of basically all of them:


"Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced" is the one I usually recommend.

| Touhou mother is good the first one anyway. Story goes a bit off the rails in the second one.

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Thank you! Might check out one of them

This looks unhinged, I love it!!

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