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Rage game/hardcore game/pain simulator are annoying ass labels

| I'm talking specifically for shit like Souls games, Fear & Hunger, Getting Over It, Pathologic, Jump King, that kinda shit and the online content and discussions about them

Some people use it for some kinda juvenile expression of edge/superiority, some use it to call it bad, regardless it's extremely reductive and dumb

They're different, but just like all games they're meant to be beaten. It's games about repeating scenarios over and over while learning each time until you solve

| it, usually because that ties back into the narrative/message of the game

They're borderline puzzle games in that regard. Puzzle games presented in creative ways to express themes that aren't covered (at least not very well) in a lot of games

You're not "hardcore" for playing a patience game, and a game isn't (or shouldn't to any healthy person be) rage inducing just cause it incorporates resets on "progress" into it's gameplay loop

| I understand very well those games not being fun for some, but no type of game is fun to everyone. People make such a big deal about these kinda games in all kinda ways and I don't get it
Personally I enjoy some of those games, but they're more peaceful for me than anything. Repetitive task that teaches you more and more for each repetition is very chill. It's not "hardcore" or any other bullshit though
Ik it's just attention shit probably, but it's just, it's so annoying

| "Rage game" is a stupid name and no one I care about use that, but "hard" or "hardcore" is a fine description, I think. There are games that are chill and there are games like these where you have to focus and put some effort into it.

| >>1009326
Personally I find more or less all of these games more relaxing than, like, a farming sim or something, and I'm on a lot of medication at times and play and progress through stuff I've never seen before while in a state where I can't even remember the last sentence I said or stand up. It just takes time, not much else. It's not that they're super difficult. They just have a different pacing to what's standard. I guess that might be some people's definition of hard though

| So, with that, ig it's fair enough. I'm probably just annoyed by it cause it's not how I view it + the kinda people who most often call it hardcore
Just has a yucky connotation to me, yk?

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I mean, the "chill" equivalent of Dark Souls isn't a farming sim. It's, idk, Nier Automata. "Hardcore" is just one end of the scale where, on one end you need some level of mastery to progress and the other you don't have to worry about that.

I relax with some hard games too but I can tell the difference between messing around in Genshin Impact or trying to progress in Elden Ring, y'know?

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Yeah, nah, I do get that. Fair enough
I probably just got a bias there cause I grew up mainly on games with these kinda loops
Having a distinction between, as you said, Elden Ring and Genshin does make sense. I still think "hardcore" is a silly term for it but, like, also, yk, I get it. I'll concede on that

| "I think Pathologic is a chill game" is nothing but a juvenile expression of contrarianism/superiority. You're not "superior" or "chill" for playing Pathologic a certain way. Ik it's just attention shit probably, but it's just, it's so annoying.

| Great point op
They're time wasting mainly but backed up with a specific atmosphere, the less experience in life one has. The more they're attracted with the trial and error.
After growing older with these games, you just get bored or tear down any facade and look at how the barebone of the gameplay is.

| have you ever tried a fighting games? The whole concept is pretty easy to apply and see what's worthy about the genre and whats not.
Things about odds like poker or mahjong do some other tricks too.
It's easy to get bored when you're done with trying new things after understanding how things work so something for me it goes all in circle to enjoy simple things like flavor texts that have no connection with gameplay nor lore.

| In the end it's all about the atmosphere* and the immension* it can give, minus the amount of chores* you have to deal with.

*these words are supposely veeeery streached out to include a lot of aspects of the games

| >>1009447 I meant sometimes

| >>1009435
What part of me ranting about how playing those games does not give anyone any sort of superiority made this thought form in you?

I didn't understand most of that, but I think I agree with some of it? But if you're able to rephrase it I'd appreciate that

| >>1009450 The fact that you rant about other's opinion on how it's viewed, is irrelevant to the point.
I imaginated that you could've been also on a slightly more insightful topic. The point of gaming being just an extra for yourself to attach to, something you feel paid back by investing on it but also knowing that the progression can be everything, pressing more the fact that failing, which would naturally be described as the contrary to progressing,

| is nothing but also part of it.

| This just puts every genre on a straight line of progression, making any of the named labels worthless.
Or on the otherway you could call stardew valley rage/hardcore/pain and the labelling would feel nothing different.
As it is flavor text now, instead of making any kind of decisive description to something.

| It's a thing someone can be ensured about when they can take thing calmly and see the game overs and loses as some checkpoint to your actually skill for the game, instead of "HA, if I were less tired today I would've done the whole game without past experiences about this genre and on first try" which is never gonna happen on the most cases.
Mind you, irl health also plays a role but I'd prefer to ignore this, for the sake of not changing the topic too much.

| >>1009450 I couldn't really rephase it as I'm not in the same mood(and I don't want to pick piece by piece of myself) but I hope you can figure it out better if I put in this other prospective.

| >>742025
I think you've misunderstood me then, cause we seem to be saying the same thing. Like, we have the same opinion on this. I think you just took some of the things I said the wrong way

Also, I'd love to have the conversation about health, cause my personal struggles with my health is a big part of why I feel comfort from these kinda games. I think it's an interesting topic

| >>1009317 As an objective of my was to negate any care of these labelling by bringing the attention to something out of its mark, I suppose I did fail on it.

For the health, there are really many things to chat about. As for the general point there are:"exercising, eating, sleeping".
Your internal needs. Mainly, whatever happens in the bathroom.
Then it's maintancing your body from hairs to toes.
Warping in with your mental needs, the main cause of stress which everyone suffers.

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