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Dragons Dogma 2

| My GF was so hyped for it. But Capcom pulled a bait and switch and have MTX in a single player game. They hid that shit til release time. (Not to mention the poor optimization)



| We need a third bomb

| >hyped for AAA game release
lol, lmao even

| waited for the game so long I genuinely don't care lol
too many hours in the first game, the second one could have a literal bitcoin miner installed in it and I'd still play it

| Ive heard Capcom put denuvo, microtransactions, and anticheat in Dragons Dogma 2, was that actually for real?

Cuz if so man that makes me worried for MH Wilds :c

| MH wilds featuring MTX for palicos (please dont see this capcom)

| i always liked generations more than the new ones anyway

| From what I heard the microtransaction is just Capcom's exec being stupid but the entire game is designed without any of it. Don't blame the devs for stupid decisions made by the suits.

| >>1008955
Nah man, you don't get it. The first Dragon's Dogma was weird as hell. That they're still putting money on the second game, and making it with this big a budget, and still letting it be weird as hell, that's a pretty good achievement.

| I was planning to buy Monster Hunter world + expansion on last steam sale because it is discounted quite a lot 6 years after release + finally I got time.

But a month ago they decided to go against mods and I just nopped out. Guess what? Now they went full berserk with denuvo + micro transactions + anti chear + you know it will have DLC and gamespass.

I will never buy anything from capcom, I can just pirate monster hunter world when I want to.

| Every Capcom game had Denuvo at launch and then removed after a while. DD1 has the same useless microtransactions that genuinely ruin your game experience if you purchase. The game's main problem are the performances in the capital. But the gameplay design is so stellar i just don't care if it runs at 30 fps in a city, i played console pd2 at 20~ fps for 1000 hours, i can endure this

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