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Date-specific achievements should not exist

| Why should I wait a year to get one stupid achievement just because i was one month late to buy the game?

| Honestly, I'll just use SAM to get it.

| Honestly, I'll just use SAM to get it.

| Most of the time they suck but sometimes they can be funny.

Reminds me that I should boot up The Stanley Parable again sometime. It's been five years.

| really elona

| I actually like the exclusivity of these type of events. Makes you really want to get to a specific day, and having your patience rewarded feels pretty nice.

| I once played all the way up to So Sorry on a fresh Undertale save on the day he shows up. It was pretty fun to go through the bulk of a playthrough in a single day.

| Change your system's clock

| Why not? Why shouldn't you wait a whole year for a sticker that was made just to show that you waited that whole year?

| The whole reason I made this thread, is that I got angry at Fruit Ninja VR Christmas achievement, and no, changing system's clock doesn't work, it uses internet clock

| >>1008621 get fucked. Time to wait for xmas... Currently waiting for the april 1st achievement for muse dash even if i could change the system clock cuz it's cooler if it says that i actually unlocked it on april 1st

| Those achievement hunter guys from 2 decades ago would seppuku at the thought.

| I mean, it'd be weird if a dating sim with achievements suddenly gave you one completely unrelated to the current scene.

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This thread is permanently archived