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Terrors Of Nowhere got me fucked up

| So theres this vrchat world game called Terrors Of Nowhere. and fuck its fun but i just had a deadass fear lock up thanks to it

| >Vrchat mentioned

| I'll go check it out I guess

| To keep the balance, I won't go check it out.

| terrorism is based

| for those not in the loop, Terrors of Nowhere is a game world where the players are chased by one (or multiple if youre unlucky) of a potential fuck ton of entities on one of a good few maps, tasked with surviving a set amount of time. the mix of entities in there is pretty immense, and you'll be recognizing a good chunk of names. i'll leave the nuances of the game up to player discovery. its pretty fun, especially with buddies.

>>1008136 agreed

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This thread is permanently archived