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anyone remember a vn about cutting?

| played it on some flash site ~10 years ago, plays out like a dating game about childhood friends, girl comes off as weirdly manipulative, ending reveals she wasn't real and was just a metaphor for cutting. anyone know what i'm talking about? i think it had a monochromatic style to it. can't remember where i played it or how i found it, try searching occasionally but never find any leads

| Omori

| https://vndb.org/v4118
Pretty sure this is it.

| >>1000537 holy shit how did you find it so fast? anyway thank you!

| >>1000541
I played it a few years back and happened to remember it from your description. It's a very interesting VN, I wish there were more like it!

| Lol, my not surprise to see a Russian translation

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This thread is permanently archived