Persona 3 Reload

| aight, how many of you g/u/rls are playing it? What do you think? And have you played the original before?

| I wish they cut more content so that the weeb censorship industrial complex could make longer videos. Playing it with widescreen patch, atm.

Kinda wish the environments were more dark and edgy. It's a little glossy. Other than it's mostly a nostalgia tour.

Can anyone explain the jp fanbase obsession with this entry in particular? Like it got a movie and a screenplay before persona was Persona.

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>Kinda wish the environments were more dark and edgy
Yeah. I think the city environment is fine, but the lighting in the dorm is so fucked up. It's so bright, makes everything looks so flat.

Aside from that, I like the game so far.

| I think I am more concerned about the DLC. Will they "fix" The Answer/Aigis Episode? Or keep it just how it was.

I've been reading discussions about the answer since I beat the game around 2008 and everyone's reaction to The Answer is pretty much "meh" or hate it with a passion.

I think this is their last chance to add satisfying closure, or at least explain more stuff about Persona 3 before Atlus move on to P6 and beyond, or remaking P4.

| Heck, maybe keep The Answer as it was and then add another DLC named "Elizabeth Episode" or something. They've put the effort to revive a game from 18 years ago, might as well end it with a bang.

| playing it and its fun

l love bebe

| >>1000639
I LOVE BEBE. His new voice is so good, I love the silly accent.

| I wish they didn't removed Yukari's big fat n word nut line


| It's just milking of persona 5 again,play a real snim megami tensey game lol

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don't you know how to fucking count

| >>1000726 don't worry I can't count more than 10 because of my fingers limit

| >>f2055d


| I like the gameplay of the original and parts of the story are entertaining, but there's so much weirdo shit I can't stand in there. Do you g/u/rls who've played it so far know if that's changed at all? Does it still sexualise kids and have incel writing? Does it still have the 17yr old in the shower scene?
I really wanna play it but also I don't wanna be disappointed again

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buddyo pal i agree with you but do you really think the other freaks here are not interested in this kind of content

| japanese jrpgs will have this kind of content, its in the package.
if you want games that don't have that much male gaze or pedo shit however, i highly recommend paranormasight and AI the somnium files

| they inflated a whole fucking fairy with so much cum she exploded g/u/rl.

| >>3a60d2 it's from 2006 right? Kinda expect most media from that time to be out of touch.

Like I really hope they recontextualise the grooming teacher social link from "that's rad" to icky pooey.

| >>1000836
I feel like they tone down some stuff, but buddy pal, I don't think the series will ever be good enough for you if you think this level is already too weirdo shit.

>don't have male gaze
>ai the somnium files
This is hilarious considering the main character is a porn addict, but go on. (For the record, I love aitsf and its main character)

| >>1000841
True. Ig I forgot where I was

A lot at least, yh. There's also plenty that are fine though! It's not like I'm against sexuality in games, but not a big "QUEST: Groom a 7 year old" fan

Yeah, exactly. Just changing the framing of it like that would be an improvement

I mean, yeah. I like a lot of things about Persona, but I also hate it cause there's zero reason for that shit to be there. It even actively clashes with the themes of the games

| I was just holding out hope that they'd take their games a little more seriously now since they've been massive worldwide ever since P5, but ig that's too much to ask

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Honestly I'm just curious how you could have take like this.like this is a game where the MC breaks character for a pervert gag where he sniffs the socks of someone's mom.(though to be fair they were at some point dating.) Did you just skip most optional dialogue during the point n click segments?

| Quick take, P3 onwards are mostly thinly veiled dating sims anyway. It's like an art house movie that has a porno in the middle.

P3 was maybe a bit more honest of a reflection of this before it became popular, it's where you get all the social mechanics too.

Dating sims no matter how good they are will have an icky quality and the vaneer of jrpg life sim makes it more socially acceptable to enjoy for men and women.

X Waifu wars X

O Cold Warfu O

| >>1000883
>P3 onwards are mostly thinly veiled dating sims
Wrong. P3 isn't a thinly veiled dating sim. It is *proudly* a dating sim inheriting traits all the way from the classic PC-98 ADV games.

>Dating sims no matter how good they are will have an icky quality
G/u/rl, you're literally in a board made from a waifu bartending visual novel. Put some respect to the genre's history.

| >Play a ROLEPLAYING game as a highschooler.
>"oh god, why I have to talk to school kids!? I'm turning into pedo NOOOOOO~"

Gurl, if you can't differenciate between fiction and reality, that's not the game's fault.

| >>1001077
Yeah, it's 100% the 17yr olds dating 17yr olds that's the issue. Definitely not the 17yr old grooming a 10yr old or 17yr olds being groomed by 30yr olds. For sure. Your critical thinking skills are on point gurl

| >>1001102

also unironically using >grooming
Lmao kill yourself

| >>1001102 you best never play any MMO or multiplayer games then; because by your standard, if you play games like overwatch or FFXIV and you talked/ make friend with some 16 y/o, you'll be a groomer.

If you want to apply all your IRL moral in game, then where do people who play shooter games or something like GTA fall into? By your logic, we have millions and millions of mass shooter becsuse they kill pedestrian on GTA.

| Oh, and also, those social links are not required. You can just not level Maiko and Maya S.link and beat the game.

| before this thread goes into a /new/ tier agurement, just gotta say that lady Virgilla is a very cool utuber. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pju_yPFXMs&t=2s

| >>1001524 lmao

| Omg I just wanted to make a point about persona becoming more mainstream by hiding within the category of a life sim so normies would enjoy a dating sim, you niggas are cracked.

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| >>1001624 there are no boys on the Internet post ball pics or gtfo

| Just beat the game. Its beautiful

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