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my cat is wrapped up in a blankieeeeee :'3

| shes being so cute its actually making me cry. shes laying on the laptop ive got playing skyrim so shes just enjoying the hot exhaust and cuddling and its so cuteeeeeeeee :3

| i need to piss and also i wanna get some vodka but shes being so cuddly and fuzzy i cant leave her

| I'm not supposed to say this because this is wholesome but, please piss on me. Drink your vodka and piss on me, I'm begging you. I want to be degraded by you, please piss on me OP.

| Id piss on you

| >>995759 Vodka is not actually that good for pissing, beer makes you piss way more. Bad take man....

| >>995770 That's rich coming from a piss colored name such as yourself. If you're such a g/u/rl, why don't you just piss on me? What's stopping you?

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This thread is permanently archived