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here again, cheer me up /u/

| its so fucked

| firebomb a walmart

| >>995566 very close to doing something like this

| Can I ask for some context, g/u/rl? If you want me to cheer you up, I'd rather do it correctly instead of throwing sweet nothings into the air. At least this may tell you're worthy (and deserving) of help, understanding and reassuring, hence the request. Perhaps if we knew a little more about that thorn in your chest, we could think of better ways to pull it out

| Do it

| Firebomb the walmart g/u/rl. It will fix all your problems.

| at least give us something to work with, OP.

| op is a dork so i am going to hijack this thread tysm
my indoor cat ran away last night (found her and gave her a bath already) and she triggered abandonment trauma out the absolute ass in her doing so
i grew up physically & emotionally neglected to the point where i thought its normal behavior and something to expect from people.

| when they were out there forming healthy relationships i was staring down "no g/u/rl is an island" and thinking, yeah, well i guess society must have changed since
so now i'm incredibly socially stunted, chronically unable to trust anyone & bitter about a past (and future) that i never had and never will be able to develop (i can't help but attract more people that want to use me into my life so i stopped trying entirely)

so how do i get high off that feelgood copium gang

| >>2bf431 You can be my gf if you want. I'm here on danger u everyday and I have a similar story. As long as you are here, I'll be here to support you.

| >>5be95d i may have little options in life left but i am not yet ready to start sh'ing with parasocial relationships on an anonymous textboard. thank you though, appreciate the reaching out

| >>2bf431 I understand. You are very welcome. It's easy for me to behave this way so, I probably came off super strong. I'm still learning. If you want a dopamine dose though, I am here to give you attention. I personally believe that you are deserving of friends and relationships, even if they come from a girl on the internet that you don't personally know. You are amazing and I want to see you be happy and become the person you want to be. Cutie.

| Also I'm so happy that we're colour buddies. Very cute and adorable.

| >>5be95d when did you get like this, anyway? is this a bit? are you coping with something yourself? we're still friends on steam, message me if you need.

| >>2bf431 This is not a bit! I just am this way. I am coping with things, there is a thread that exists detailing what I'm coping with in a way. I'm not friends with anyone from here on steam. Wait, was this an invitation to be friends on steam?

| >>5be95d your friends are worried about you, you know. there's no reason to be afraid of us: we wanted to be around you for a reason.
and at some point you are going to need to learn to be stronger than your parent and break free, stand on your own two feet. but that's going to take a while and that's ok! i know it doesn't *feel* ok, but it will be ok. you're strong enough to make it ok.
listen to the voice inside you and you'll know it to be true.

| >>995627 perhaps try to get rid of the idea of never being able to do this or that thing. Not having the ability to relate to people in a common way doesn't necessarily mean not being able to develop healthy bonds, only, maybe it's best to take an approach based on recognition of potentials for good or bad, maybe other approximation based on whether our morals are similar enough, or maybe others I'm not thinking of just yet. Different lives lead to different understandings

| Overall, I know it's not easy, but try not punishing yourself too much for not being what others are. Try to be aware of the things you can do with what you are now, and try to pay attention to people. In a world as populated as this one, I find it hard to think that your takes on things aren't relatable to at least a fraction of people. It's not always about having a safe risk with a good return, at least in my experience. It's more about taking the risk and examining the results

| not reading allat, sorry g/u/rls, its time for some reflections on nostalgia to spice this thread up

| >>995702

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