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South Park sucks

| Way too snide and relentlessly topical. I just find it a chore to get through.

| Still better than the Simpsons which surprising

| Why watch it then??

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People keep touting it as some pinnacle of comedy. They expect me to get the references.

| I like how topical and over the top it is. I can't name any other show that acts as a black mirror time capsule of what people thought was important or extreme that week.

| My favorite anime

| South Park can honestly be very funny at times but I'm glad people are starting to catch on the insufferable "caring about any topic is dumb and gay" attitude the show gives off

| Rejoice, homo sapiens. Thou'st been endowed with the necessary intellectual developmental requirements to join the ranks of Richard and Mortymer viewers. No subtle amusing remark shall ever escape thine senses, as Dan Harmon's genius unfolds before thine ocular globes. Grasp the conceptual and avant-garde narrative choice of entertainment yours by right and ascend along thine your peers, the chosen minds of this era.

We get it, you're smart, don't worry.

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No one is doing that to you. It's all in your head.

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This thread is permanently archived