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i had nightmare about miss 1m post

| You may already know about 6 digits thing.. but 2 days back i had nightmare about i didn't saw when 1m th post was going to get posted.. i was wake up.. but.. this was scary :(

I'm here active over 5 years and just.. i want be there when it will going to happen

| i wish the software of this godforsaken website is actually written badly enough to shit itself and die at 1mil. all my homies hate pref, i hope y2k fucks her mouth

| Tbh idk pref.. i never talked with her
>>988350 why she is hated?:o
If i can be honest i wouldn't be mad if /u/ closed after 6k.. i would prefer reset on 0, 7 digits is weird.. but i would be definitely sad.. i would join another textboard.. but they wasn't so nice as this one tbh.. i only don't like /new/-chan maid, it's feel as wikipedia.. but everything else is just nice.. it's my secret diary where i feel ok to tell anything

| >>988355 if anything, pref is revered here.>>988350 is probably a tourist.

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This thread is permanently archived