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Pet me

| I'm maybe weird but i just wish know tomboy what would listen me anytime, would be nice to me, hugs, would be ok if i would overshare sometim and so.. and for exchange i would be her pet :c

| *peepee on ya face :3*

| *pet -> hug -> whip you around -> german suplex -> pin -> 1-2-3 -> you lose*

| >>988291 BDSM sounds nice too~

| Or bondage~


| >>988343 this is me when i read any doujin about my dreams~

| I just lay in bed.. with 2 blankets on me, sorrounded by pillows next to wall.. it's really comfortable but also lonely.. imagine someone would lay next to me, hug me and whispering me anything.. idk if i could handle it xd why is my mind so selfish

| >>988356 *whisper in your ear* "I dropped a gigantic shat so huge in your toilet it's 100% unflushable"

| >>988437 get out of this country *aiming gun on you* you was promoted from citizen to executed

| 1.Having intense emotions and feelings that fluctuate between positive and negative
2. Changing yourself to please your favorite person
3. Fearing being abandoned
4. Craving the attention and approval of your favorite person
5. Projecting fantasies onto the relationship
6. Finding ways to test the loyalty of your favorite person

Why 1,3-6 is me so much ;-;

| I won't reply to this post anymore probably.. and try get attention back from one special person.. why i feel so selfish :(

| Why y'all so lonely on the internet but the second stranger stalks you you call police on me??

| >>988513 so true g/u/rl. This is why I don't touch them anymore

| >>988513 same shit. it feels like it's impossible to make friends anymore.

| >>988513 I know that feel g/u/rl...

| OP please spend more time with your loved one, solitude is never good.

| >>988846 We both know she doesn't have any.

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This thread is permanently archived