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Hey g/u/rls!! Are you feeling pretty skibidi today?

| Maids please don't kill me
I was just doing some amount of tomfoolery :(

| :(*

| I don't got that gyatt :(

| Kys

| òwó
(( ))
/ \
sikibi toilet danferu e

| today's poop:

| nice

| ????????

| ????????

| Kys

| What is even happening here???

| òwó
(it doesmt work before i skibi it again to work hopefully sorry

| ;) it works yay!

| idk what skibidi means im 57

| >>988134 skibi means a when your in a toilet and saying skibidibiba and fighting cameraheads

| Retarded meme ????

| >>988198 gurl we laughed at Pedo Bear. i think compared to a kid fking bear the idea of talking heads in toilets is not so bad.

| Skibidji toileeh …. Yamuu e skibidjie toireh…. Skibidji…..

| >>988241 I miss that old meme

| what the fuck is a skibidi and a gyatt

| i'm 19 how do i not know this shit

| >>988426 welcome to the fast-going hobby of internet of making up words

| Entropy is inescapable.

| meow meow lol

| I am not passing any judgement, i am just too old for this now i fear. I am sure it is very funny though :D

(( ))
_/ \

Niggabeedy wopwop yes yes
Shkibidi drip
Gulp suck
Ye ye

| why do the most dogshit threads get traction i genuinely dont understand this place sometimes

| >>988592 It's a dogshit board for dogshit people.
t. dogshit g/u/rl

| >>988594

| Wait maids are removing skibidi? What the gyaaatt
This is so fanum tax i bet they are the speakermen

| Maids you are doing the lords work please purge these subhumans

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This thread is permanently archived