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White society is very creepy

| For clarification: when I say "white society" I'm not referring exclusively to white people, but rather the culture and systems inherent in imperialism that stem from Europe but are present to varying extents globally

White societies breeding culture is just so fucking creepy. It's so full of grooming and weird shit and it's so fucking uncomfortable and traumatising. Kids are told from a super early age that they're supposed to breed and further weird ass traditions and be cogs in

| the machine and are just completely stripped of all humanity. I hate it
Like tf do you mean it's completely normalised for adults to talk about the looks of kids? Tf do you mean it's normalised for parents to be fantasising about their 5yo breeding and starting a family? Tf do you mean people view their sole purpose as breeding and continuing the deeply traumatic cycles their families have been repeating for centuries?
It's so yucky it's so disgusting I can't fucking stand it wtff

| Have y'all noticed how weirdly common it is for parents and kids (especially mothers and their sons) to be, like, weirdly close? To have, like, straight up incestual vibes going? And how common it is for parents to feel entitled to physical contact with their children?
Like, even though the vast majority of people never, like, "do anything", that's still insanely creepy and will fuck up the brain of those kids permanently
Why tf do we as a society allow this shit to happen?

| I'd dare to venture that "white society" is the only place where its not expected to procreate. I mean, just look at the birth statistics. Meanwhile asian, african and many maybe less affluent societies, where its expected to have children to secure your own future.

| Fully agree with you OP. Will write a more proper reply later, but thank you for this thread.

| >And how common it is for parents to feel entitled to physical contact with their children?
how's your thesis goin' buddy

| what


| >>987731
I think you forgot to read the clarification at the beginning
I'm very curious about where you live though, cause the vast majority of places in the world it is encouraged and there is a societal pressure around entering a heterosexual relationship and starting a family. 100% true that more affluent areas have less of a pressure to have a lot of kids, but most kids universally are at some point told phrases like "when you have a husband/wife" and "when you have kids" or

| similar things. Breeding oriented family structure is also often talked about as an inevitability in places like school and stuff. If you've grown up somewhere where that's not the case at all and doesn't happen I would genuinely love to hear about your experience though

Ofc! I really needed to get this off my chest. Looking forward to the reply <3

| >>c47d54 The fuck are you on? Are you blind? Are you dumbass? That's been the norm for hundreds of years. Everyone knows that, don't act like you're saying something deep.

| >>987771
I'm not "acting like it's deep". I'm stating something that's common which shouldn't be. Something disgusting that people continue perpetuating despite how creepy it is. If you enjoy the constant sexualisation and dehumanisation of kids and see nothing wrong with continuing it because "it's the norm", well...

| >>987726
Whoo boy do I have this place to tell you about, it's called Japan. And if you think it's bad in white countries, you'll hate it there.

| ....what?

| >y'all
stopped reading

| >>987797
You forgot to read the clarification

| >>987780
>Won't somebody please think of the children!

| >>987828
That shit in Japan didn't come from Europe.

| >>987828 The clarification does nothing to address this, or the many other instances where cultures encourage people to have children even from a young age.

This is total "deep, man" thinking.

| Idk OP, data seems to suggest the opposite.

| >tfw no cute syrian oneechan to POUND and CREAM

| >white society
Opinion discarded. Statements coming from this individual are not insightful nor valuable.

| ...............what?????

| lole its like a tumblr post timetraveled straight from 2015

| >>987876 >>987879
It is okay not to understand something. Imperialism has had a worldwide effect. If you genuinely think a country that worked with and still to this day are influenced by the nazis during WW2 and push hypercapitalism have no connection to, relation to or influence from imperialism whatsoever, that's not something I will bother myself with explaining further

| >>987936
No, please explain to me how this shit effected Japan in the 11th century. I'll wait.

| >>987936 Literally just putting words in my mouth. I never said Imperialism don’t have a worldwide effect. I just don’t see the correlation there to “imperialism is the reason society encourages people to have children.” Like, every single society, to one degree or another, has or does encourage its citizens to have children, both prior to and after European colonization. Look at it philosophically or economically, it is the case.

| As for “parents are weird,” anything can be looked at as word through the lens of another culture. Don’t make either person right or wrong necessarily.

| >>987947
cite a single primary 11th century japanese source that you read and can discuss with me.

| i'm not op but if mfs who can't even write proper english somehow intend to flex about the heian period they're gonna get their bratty mouths corrected

| >>988014
Tale of Genji, man fucks his stepmother who raised him childhood and then grooms the woman who becomes his wife. Also lineage has been an important part of Japan since the Kojiki and only became more important over time.

| muh white ppl

| >>988022
A piece of fiction critiquing royalty does not say anything about common folk or general consensus, and also does not apply to modern day Japan. Imperialism is the main reason why Japan is the way that it is in current day. Assuming everyone acted like how royal people presumably did and that nothing changed in the country for a thousand years is bizarre

| >>988012
The reason for why imperialism is the reason for why society is obsessed with reproduction is because it is an essential part of maintaining the status quo. The people on top of the current social hierarchies want more people so there will be more workers and so adults will be bound to protecting those children and therefore be less likely to take any radical action and stay loyal to the system to avoid putting their children in danger

| If people stopped having, or had way less, kids but the system stayed the same, everything would collapse. Capitalism treats workers as an expendable resource, and without a constant supply of that resource it doesn't work. This is also why fascist nations historically target gay and trans people so heavily and why heterosexuality is pushed as being the default and anything outside of it is portrayed as unnatural despite the historical and scientific inaccuracy of those statements

| Because queer people are less likely to reproduce and constant reproduction is necessary to uphold the systems that keep the people currently in control, in control
This all applies to Japan as well, since you're so weirdly obsessed with that that. Japanese officials have been freaking out for years and years now and are constantly trying to take new measures to make people reproduce at higher rates. That's because it is necessary for their hypercapitalist society to stay the same

| People there are forced to work an absurd amount and to dedicate their entire lives purely to their job. This is very effective at making sure people don't radicalise since people don't have time or energy to focus on anything other than work, but it is also causing people to die a lot quicker due to suicide and work related health issues. That's why they are desperate for people to reproduce, cause if they don't they won't have enough workers to maintain their current system

| Now, while this reply I don't have any research to back up, I do suspect that's why pedophilia is such a rampant thing there as well. There seems to be a correlation between how desperate leadership is for people to reproduce and how much pedophilia happens in that place. The harder people are being hit by the effects of imperialism, the more there will be this sort of grooming and the more pedophilic people become. That one is just speculation for now, but, it's pretty consistent

| kind of a bad, quasi-deep thread

| >>fd0062 meds

| jesse why the fuck are this thread still going

| >>988035
Oh, ok. You're going to be intentionally disingenuous to push your racist shit. Got it. For the record; it's well known Japan was like this is other areas, it is well documented that Japan was a fucked up society especially in regards to sex, and did not have any real contact with the west until the later 1500s - and then they closed the country and continued to be degenerate for another 300 years. The way they are now is not just "white imperialism."

| >>988046 i think that last paragraph is overcooked g/u/rl

| >>988093
You don't seem to understand what "white" means in this context. It's not refering to skin colour. It's refering to white supremacists ideology. If you don't understand how those are separate and are just offended by the term "white" then you don't understand the subject matter and your "arguments" will continue being pointless

Maybe. It's nothing solid, just pattern recognition

| Implying niggers don't have a "culture" of underaged pregnancies. poojeets literally have arranged marriages

| >>988038 If we magicked everyone into not having kids, society would collapse anyway. The economic/political structure in place is irrelevant.

| >>988205 "society would collapse if people stop having kids" smartest natalist argument.
keep coping.
long term antinatalism will always be the ideology which will create the least suffering.

| Go back to monkey land nigger

| Just fuckin nuke everything at this point

| If everything's dead there's no suffering anymore

| >>988240
They love to deny it, but there's genuinely zero good arguments for why we should keep things as they are

| >>988373 >>988374
Nihilism is tempting, but worthless. We should heal the world as much as we can and make things the best we can for those who are here. Nuking it all would make the planet and whatever remains on it suffer immensely, and everyone dying in that hell would have their last moments wasted and be stuck in agony
Healing is better than destruction

| Though, ofc, some destruction is always necessary to start any healing process

| You're describing middle to upper class suburbia and using that to critique white society. They have a lot of systemic power but still kinda cringe to paint with such a broad brush and call it "white".

Wanting your kids to have kids is a pretty typical thing, regardless of culture and there will always be weirdos that get off to that every where.

Are you even from the south?

Sounds like you got fiddled or have ocd incest neurosis you have to get checked out, God bless.

| >>988412
You're American. You shouldn't involve yourself in conversations about the world as a whole

| >>988412
>are you even from the south
You read her writing style and think her a southerner? Bless your heart, sweetie.

| >>988038
I have deep sympathies with your analysis, however, I disagree with your centering of reproduction. In fact, your antinatalist tendencies have their historical and political roots in a malignant malthusianism- one that often is used to demonize Global South countries for their population growth. The fact is: a multitude of this planet's population sees reproduction as something beautiful; deeply connected to community and the hope for a better world.

| >>988626
I'm aware some see it that way, and I fully understand why. I viewed it the same for most of my life. It's just that the more time passes, the more things I experience, witness and learn about, it doesn't sit right with me to bw putting more people into the world until we have a world that would be okay for them to live in
I don't have anything against reproduction, I have something against reproduction for the benefit of a disgusting, inhumane machine that will treat the

| new life as a disposable resource to mutilate, abuse and mistreat for the pleasure and benefit of oppressors
Existing in this current world means experiencing things that no human should ever be subject to, so instead of subjecting more people to that I think it would be a lot more humane to take focus on those who are already here and tear down what's causing all this and reserve reproduction for a future world where reproduction isn't twisted and they can grow up without all that

| >>87b767 when was the world ok to live in? When is the world going to be ok to live in?

| >>988738
A world where the air isn't toxic and people don't need to kill themselves on a daily basis to be allowed to live. One where being bombed for petty shit or shot for just existing are not things people have to worry about. One where food, healthcare and somewhere to live is taken for granted

| >>988867 When was? When is going to be?

| >>988881
There's plenty of examples throughout history of this. Societies that weren't like this where people got to just be people. There's also hope for the future as long as people resist the current power structures
For throughout history I recommend taking a look at the book The Dawn of Everything. It's a pretty recent book but very comprehensive and made by people who know their shit
For when in the future, well, the future hasn't happened yet has it? How tf would I know lol

| >>988881 world will be okay next Tuesday

| >>988889
so what's the point of the antinatalism schizo? How will "people resist the current power structures" with fewer people? If anything the "oppressors" would love the "oppressed" to have less offspring.


| >>988893
You haven't read the thread. I adressed exactly that earlier. When people have kids they take less risks and conform more since if you don't you won't be able to keep your kid safe in current society. Those kids are also put into schools that from an early age teach you to conform and become a worker in the system. Both of those things are beneficial to the people who own those systems
There's also the fact that if you know a single thing about revolution of any kind, the

| most effective way to fuck over a system is to take away their resources. Look at blockades, strikes, destruction of train tracks, just generally hitting things that hampers resources and prevents the "machine" from running
The people who own shit can't do shit on their own. They rely on the systems they're on top of to be running how they need them to. A police force without cars and ammunition can't stop even a peaceful protest
People who adhere to the system are needed for the

| system to function, and again, people are forced to adhere to the system to keep kids as safe as possible

| >>117e5f You're right, "revolution" usually occurs when there's nothing to lose. When I said "to have fewer offspring," I was thinking about something else. But answer me this: who are "The people who own shit" exactly?

| >>988927
CEOs, politicians, millionaires, billionaires, just generally the 1% of people who have the most control within capitalism and benefit heavily from systems of oppresions

| >>988988 if (((((((CEOs, politicians, millionaires, billionaires, just generally the 1% of people))))))) are the ones "who have the most control within capitalism and benefit heavily from systems of oppresions" Then you have nothing to worry about because nothing will ever change, people may starve, die, and perhaps even rot before your very eyes, and the only thing you could do is yell and cry at (((((((capitalists))))))). Your so desired "revolution" will never happen. lol lmao

| >>989033
You do not understand what revolution is
That's fine, and considering you love being treated as a disposable resource, it's for the best lol

| >>989039 t projecting cattle

| >>989033 are you implying that goyim can't revolt or somethin'?

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