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making friends online

| so because im a retard with garbage social skills and dk who else to ask, i come to you all on this late night. how do yall do it? how do yall go about it? because it seems nearly impossible for me to keep any online friend i meet for long. which is strange because sometimes i feel like we’d hit it off strong too.

| just keep in touch. but if you bonded over a video game you both play, then it's a tad bit hard mate

| Wait, someone from /u/ actually have friends?

| >>987568 Yeah, we're all friends here. Except you. You're excluded from the group chat.

| >>987573 Group Chat? i feel shocked someone can be more than 1... and there can be more tha 2?!

| >>987529
i try to do that but it usually feels one sided and i don’t wanna come off annoying either when i do try to keep in touch

| i could b ur friend in exchange of u pee on me :3

| >>987602 but toilet-chan would be jealous ;-;

| you can hit me with newspapers~

| >>987617 im ur new toilet chan so dont worry>wO

| >>987602
its that easy?!

| >>987627 no, i don't cheat! go away and touch some grass while reading bible, i won't cheat you with toilet.
>>987635 if you aren't loyal than maybe, it's hard. i will die as eye-contact-virgin

| >>987514
1. Find a discord about something you're interested in.
2. Participate in discussions.
3. ????
4. Profit!

| >>987659
This but be sure it is something that feels perpetual. DnD or a strong live service game. What are your interests g/u/rl?

| Play social games that require you to work in teams, lethal company is a good recent one. Or you could try hangout games like vrchat or other similar games

| >>987514 I've made many friends online some lasting some not. It's just like friends you see ever day you can drift apart and that's OK. But idk I always just talk and make jokes and if it goes well we play more games and if not go next.

| >>987699 >>987700 scary

| Hangout games are INCREDIBLY FUCKING SCARY (approaching people?????????) but team based things are a lot less, because you're there to perform a function as part of a team and any social interaction is on top of that

| I would say dismissing social games and games where you talk to others as scary is probably the first thing you need to fix to try and start making friends

| First step..Get out of the threads? Do you have any favorite games with a small audience? These games have forums or discord groups. Look for friends there, you will have common topics. That's what I did.
Orr get drunk and go to the VRchat. You will find friends there too. or something new...hehe.

| >>987964
or something new? elaborate anon!

| >>987964
Hell yeah getting drunk in vrchat

| Anyone who plays vrchat: where's your favorite hangout spot?

| Elefauna

| >>987980 sex.

| >>988033 Пятёрочка(Pyaterochka).

| >>988033
I like hanging out in public worlds struggling to hype myself up to talk then giving up. Also the drum hero world is coool

| >>988049

| >>988120

| Show them your moobies

| what about ice breakers fellas?

| what about ice breakers fellas?

| Vrchat is cringe af,find a game with toxic community,that's where real friends are,no fake people

| I used to play a shit ton of gmod but my generation stopped and now it's the skibbidi toilet generation

| People need to be euthanised god i hate human life death shall befall all

| >>988309
shut up lil nigga


| >>988298 this ;-;


| I tried, I get social anxiety just from passing groups of people talking in VR chat
>Kill meeeeeee
Best shot is to engage in an activity where socializing isn't the main goal, same goes for meat space.

| Have you try sex? Pound them so good they can't live without you

| Discord servers can be good maybe. Try to find one for your interests

| >>988802 sounds as nice ice breaker.. "hey you, do you love sex? Ohh i also do, let's fuck"

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