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Apparently it's not normal to be in constant physical pain

| It might sound dumb, but up until, like, yesterday, I genuinely thought this was just how it is for everyone. It never crossed my mind that my body screaming in agony if I sit on a chair for 30min or my legs feel like they're gonna collapse if I stand up for 2min is not normal. I thought that was just how it feels to have a physical body and everyone was just toughing through it like I've been doing
Idk why I never once questioned why my body is in constant intense pain

| I'm sorry to hear, chronic pain is genuinely so annoying and shitty. I have Ehler Danlos, so I'm pretty much always in some sort of pain

| Welcome to the chronic pain club! I recommend getting that checked to a doctor first, might be an easy fix or at least some recommended meds to lessen the pain.

| i know that feeling bro. been suffering with scoliosis for most of my life along with a comically absurd amount of headaches every few days which is related to my brain and shit i'm too lazy to get into. it's rare to go a week without feeling any sort of pain.

| i've always asked family members if they also experience this or that a lot and the answers always make me surprised. i really do keep forgetting the pain i experience is not normal. sometimes i forget to even take medicine and just deal with it.

| may hemorrhoid? also is possible bedsore, but i suppose you are too young for this. If it's long-term visit neurologist or orthopedist (don't worry to visit wrong one, in bad scenario they will just adress you to right one.)

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Ay! That's what I'm suspecting I got too. Saw somebody with it talk about it in detail and it matched my life experience identically, so I asked my partner and some friends if they experience those things, and that's how I realised I'm the one who's not normal

Ty lol
Yeah, I booked an appointment for Thursday

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Got a homie who has that and shit looks painful af. Can definitely relate on the headaches. Problem for me and why I didn't realise is

| cause I would ask my dad about it growing up and he said that's completely normal. That was said for every single thing I have that turned out to not be normal and to be genetic though, so, uh, yeah...
Might wanna send a message about that lol

Nah, it's not either of those, and it's been for my entire life. It's for sure gotten worse over time, but I can't remember a single moment in my life where it hasn't been the case to some extent

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