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2023 Danger/u/ Secret Santa

| It is once again that time of year g/u/rls! The time in which we remind ourselves of what really matters to us, and we surround ourselves with the people we hold dear. This year, the cutoff for sign ups is December 1st, so be sure to follow the steps below before then! The team hopes you have a lot of fun with this year's annual holiday event. From all of us, have a very Merry Christmas g/u/rls!

Announcement Video:

| For further instructions on how to participate, see the #announcements channel in the Danger/u/ Discord server (ew, discord, gross, I know. Get over it).

Danger/u/ Discord:

| ew, discord, gross..

| Discord? Ew

>>f267f7 *fucks your mouth*

| ΕωΕ

| Discord is okay. It's just /u/'s that's toxic waste. (;⌣̀_⌣́)

| I might sign up this year if I can think of a good gift idea

| >>987283 your recipient might also give you some ideas, so please do participate! It's a lot of fun each year.

| i love the gay retards on discord :3

| >discord

| >>987231 imagine raid /u/ alone from discord.. you should return back g/u/rl, discord mod surely miss moral kitten

| Achtung! Geheimer SATAN

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This thread is permanently archived