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How to be an artist but remain completely anonymous?

| Idk but I often worry how, if I post my art on social media, and just that I'd be fine, but I also wish to share my art with ppl on let's say discord. But I don't want my personal account to be associated with my art account, what would be a good choice ?

| To some degree, you can't. If you wanted to remain completely anonymous you'd have to post on anon exclusive sites like 4chan and other imageboards, and none that tie you to an identity. I have two separate discords for people I know IRL and people I know online, and I keep the shit I post between them separate. It wouldn't be impossible for someone to connect the two, just unlikely.

| Have sex and have fun.

| Just make a new account? It's not "completely anonymous" but unless someone goes digging, it's detached from your main account

| I get that but I'm overly paranoid so I'm. Idk

| oh my lord... y'all do know you can have multiple aliases and such online, right?

| >>987156 Yeah I'm aware, but I ask bc I wanted to post my art on discords, but also on social media, but i want to be fully like. No association between the two if you feel me, maybe I'll just stay on discord

| >>987157 yeah, with reverse image search existing these days, that's going to be a tough one g/u/rl.

| >>987175 sigh I assumed... I'll figure things out somehow

| assuming is for asses

| let it be known that many popular twitter artists started off drawing gross shit in 4chan drawthreads. there are many ways to connect the dots. not particularly helpful but i felt like pointing this out.

| anyways goodluck OP

| Op, I say this with all my love, but nobody's going to take the trouble to reverse-image search what you posted. Nobody's going to care enough to find the connection between your different aliases.

Just be careful you don't spill your other names. And don't make an ass of yourself that people want to dig. Just chill.

| >>987156 whoa.. wild concept g/u/rl. this ain't /tech/ y'know?

| Buy second identity on nigga web ezpz

| >>987218 i know i know, its mainly me being mega paranoid, i have bad issues with it, I will figure out a way to chill

| Alot of twitter people do that as is, and if you want to share personal art with people you'd either need to use an alt and say "bros I sweeeaarr it's someone else ;)" or just have different drawings to share.

| Being anonymous isn't hard, *staying* anonymous is. Don't disclose anything about your identity, past or otherwise. Resist the temptation.
But also accept that the modern world hates the concept of anonymity and that you'll have to make sacrifices *somewhere*. Try to minimize those sacrifices.

| Ngl you're definitely just overly paranoid. I don't think the thing you need help with is how to be anonymous, cause you already know how to be the closest thing to anonymous online. You should be looking for ways to get your mental in check, cause unless you're making some absolutely horrific CSA gore porn type drawings there is ZERO reason to be this paranoid about it
Also, my full government name can be found in like 4 clicks from a link on my artist account and nobody has found

| it yet. People genuinely do not give af about stuff like this unless you're actively doing wildly harmful shit, and even then people generally can't be fucked to do it and will be content with getting mad at just that persona you did it on and not look for any others
I've gotten literally hundreds of people mad at me and not a single one of them has found me anywhere else or that that super easy to access government name
If even with that info you're stressed abt it see a therapist

| i have over 4 tabs saved on you. i have a dedicated background computer tracking every ip hop. you may think we are fools that wont get your government name although we have more than just that.

| >>987399 the only thing you got is my g/u/rlballs on your chin, bozo.

| >>987395 >>987397 Yeah, to be honest I was feeling severe paranoia when I made this post, I feel a lot of pressure when it comes to social media, and end up overthinking

| and to earn 50k?

| >>987522
Yeah, that checks out. Might wanna get some help with that if you got the means g/u/rl, cause that sounds really annoying to live with

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