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Autumn ponytails thread

| Didn't see one for a year at this point. You still like them as much as last year?

| Who does ponytails in autumn tho? I'm glad to have been able to let my hair loose after keeping it in scrunchie gulag all summer

| Only if I'm wearing a scarf. Then I need to keep my hair out of the way / prevent further tangling. If not: the hair is the scarf. No ponytail required.

| I don't really like ponytails on me but they're practical so

| >>987087 pony + scarf is so good

| I missread it as "Autism Ponytails" damn...

| my hair is too short to look good in a ponytail rn so i just bun it lol. dunno if a blonde ponytail actually looks good on me tho

| im more into twin buns now tbh

| >>987183 I don't see a lot of buns g/u/rl, how long does it take long to prepare?

| Shave ur head gurl be different

| im still on braid train

| put it up in a bun gurl

| >>987248
not long at all lmao
i just part my hair, then bind each part in a high bun. looks neat, keeps it from getting in the way

| long hair really is a luxury. you need a lot of time simply to maintain it

| >>987305
In my experience, anything longer than shoulder-length is annoying and impractical to maintain. I personally have a mullet and it doesn't quite reach my shoulder, and I like it that way.

| >>987279 After the last ponytails thread, I've been appreciating braids a lot more. They go so well with glasses or paddy hat too.

| >>987344
i used to have waist length hair i loved putting in a plait but it got everywhere and weighed an extra like 6 lbs every day after i showered so i had to trim it to shoulder length ;_;

| >>987371 long hair really is so much work and effort to take care of. Gurls with long hair can have my respect

| >>987371 >>987376 Besides the time commit for long hair, I couldn't afford all of the hair products as a broke uni student. My budget was ruined for ~4 weeks before I cut it shoulder length.

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This thread is permanently archived