I think this is it

| I think my partner doesn't love me anymore. I don't really have anything else. I'm scared of what will happen when I'm alone, I don't want to be alone again. Was it so wrong to want to feel protected and safe for once after everything, was that so selfish, to want a tiny bit of stability after everything? I'm not supposed to take though. That's wrong. It's not fair for me to want that. I guess we both didn't know what we were getting into. I guess we're both bad liars. Goodbye

| excessive needyness isn't attractive

| Did I write this post?
Did I take my meds today?
What the fuck?

| >>986912 what's up? ( ^.^)/

| >>986913 *fucks your mouth*

| >>986913 *fucks your mouth*

| I talked every day to my new boyfriend for 6 hours for 2 weeks and today he didn't even say good morning to me. What did I do wrong? We were supposed to be happy together forever. I love him so much, why does he do this?

| >>986910 i feel you are literally me -stalker-chan

| >>986912 wait did i forget it 2x?

| >>986910 if your partner tries to leave, chain them up. That's stability <3

| SMH I wish I had cute stalking,needy and clingy gf

| >>986928 don't worry. he's just doing it because you're cuter when you're needy. keep being dedicated.

| >>7908ac I can't take it I keep having horrible thoughts that he doesn't love me anymore I'm going to fucking kill him if there's not a good reason

| >>986970 cut off his dick

| >>986928 you sound like mine so if your bf is anything like me then hes probably just not having the greatest day, doesnt want to bring yours down with his, but also cant bring himself to lie abt it. i unintentionally ghost and realize what ive done, and then procrastinate facing the imminent hyperonslaught of silly questions. my suggestion is to chill and give your bf some space, gurl. let him know you understand and just miss him and youll be there when hes back :3

| >>986928 I think you should just try being direct with him and tell him you want good morning texts. Boys are dense, and you gotta just say "I need this."

| >>6adc27 I went and told him it made me feel really bad and he just started crying. We just cried for like an hour. He says he has mental problems and just zones out sometimes, apparently

>>7e60b8 Yeah but he was doing it every other day... I did talk to him yesterday so today he did it again. I was really happy. I don't need much to be happy I just want attention

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