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I am going to KILL all snails


| Ok

| i will protect them

i will defeat you !!!!!

| noooo, don't kill garry, spongebob would be sad ;-;

| My crush as a kid was allergic to bees so I killed every bee I saw to protect him.

| >>986904
that's my girl ;)

| >>986904 Incredibly cute.
The bee thing is cute, too.

| >>986904
She's killing all the bees!
She's killing all the bees!
We don't know why, but she's killing all the bees!

| >>986908 she literally told us why please read more carefully ok

| >>986918
my g/u/y, u dont get it. hes narrating. the people around her dont know the reason and they are simply observing in confusion. we as readers know cause it was written

| Man I wish I had a crush that kills for me

| killing?
slugs yes.
snails no.

| >>0f645d i wish have gf as you.. i have weakness for yandere~

| >>986918 lmao off yourself uncultured swine

| >i'm going to post random terminally online "culture"
>but if you don't know it you should kill yourself immediately
Never change, /u/.

| >>986956
>I'm so utterly retarded I can't google
Kill yourself too asap

| Gonna eat them tho?

| >>987043
no they're icky and gooey

| Hell no i love sñails

| Hell no i love sñails

| >>987047 one man's trash is another man's meal *scrapes snail out of the gutter*

| >>9200a2 based

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