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itt: reddit


| r E d D i † WaS h3Re

| not the R word..

| Fuck reddit, all my homies hate reddit

| Itt: no. Ignore, and let it die.

| Eww, gross.

| Today i registred on r-word to see nsfw content there ;-;

| >>986826 huge L

| >>986826
Just change any url from reddit.com to old.reddit.com

| >>d41537 Heh, old site works better than new imo. Thanks, friend.

| >>986849 that's the case with so many social sites. Imgur's new format makes my eyes bleed, old reddit is just better, the list goes on.

| what the r*ddit!

| >>986832 i didn't know.. i was solving it by deleting browser history and screenshot site before website check cache..

>>986830 sounds as reddit moralist what is scared by a little bit of pornography

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This thread is permanently archived