What japaneses thinks of tourists/immigrants

| I want to move to Japan (like a lot of ppl nowadays) after my computer science studies. I love this country since i'm a kid, i remember reading tourism books, walking on google street view etc. Visited Japan for the first time in january 2023 and i felt in love. But deep inside me in feel that i'm not "welcomed" in Japan and i don't want to be a part of mass immigration in Japan. Idk how to precisely explain but i hope you get the idea

| It's like, i want to go to Japan and live there, but not deserving it

| I fell* sorry bruh

| >>986727 You don't lmao, go anyways just to spite them

| There's more of an explicit hierarchy in terms of foreigner I guess. But if you're wealthy you can live in a mostly English speaking environment

I recommend watching niea under 7 for a look into their cultural anxiety about non jp.

| bruhh the denpa mann

| Currently living in Japan as an American. Gotta say that you'll meet a lot of nice people in Tokyo. Be wary that there are places that foreigners are not allowed. (bars, hot springs, etc.) I have not noticed too many of these places though for it it to be a common occurrence.

| I did hear from few people they talk about immigrants as Gaijin, they would be probably always nice to you but probably not see you part of society, also forbid entry to some places as >>61a468 says

Just do what you want, in bad scenario you can just return home.

| >>986742 How's the band going, lil' feller?

| >>986748
*facepalm* this retard is so fucking gullible it's almost cute

| >>986742
>not allowed
Isn't that like a human rights violation?
With that declining birthrates joke's on them lmao

| >>986753 imagine something as toilets, there are also bathrooms only for man and woman. yes as man you can may visit womans bathroom, but no one will welcome it. or nude-beach etc. if some business says no entry to foreigners, you can may try to judge them, but 99% of people just won't.

| >>986785
>yes as man you can may visit womans bathroom, but no one will welcome it
That sounds transphobic lmao

| >>986726 I think it might be a good idea to study abroad in Japan for a semester so you can see how you like it first without necessarily committing your whole professional career to a foreign country.

| The work-life balance is non-existant g/u/rl. Hope you like working 12 hour days, only to be socially forced to go out with your co-workers to drink, collapse in the street, and work a 12 hour day after a 6 hour sleep.

| they basically feel like a redditor is posting on their board

| >>986786 boohoo lmao

| >>986726 depends on skin color.
if you're white you're welcome.
if you are any tanner than like an italian ... it's gonna be interesting for you.

| You don't need to leave for Japan.

| Japan is the west's dumpster. The storage site for its lowest quality people. Please go there and stay and never post here again.

| >>986925 why interesting? if i can be honest i can't recognize german from italian (if they don't talk)

| ohh tanner than, i'm sorry i was think you are reffering as italian to not be white and i felt confused because they are.. spanish or greece people also don't look differently i feel.. and about north africa.. i can't tell, i was there but i was in hotel which was mostly having france people.. and people what was servicing us.. i can't remember them face honestly.. i avoid eye contact and so..

| >>986726 They think "weird hairy monkey lol" and then "wait its another one of those western retards that fetishize us ugh i hope he doesn't talk to me" (unless youre a w/u/man ofc)

If you cant speak the language WELL (and i actually fucking mean well not the average weeb delusion) then it's no point, you will feel maximum disdain the longer you're there

If you wanna live there but refuse to make an effort to integrate into jp society youre no better than gypsies and should kys

| Love japanese stuff and anime and all, but I'll never move there. I'd rather make money and retire at 3rd world country with livable internet and low cost of living.

| >>986999 fact.

| 我々はアルバニア人は大好きだよ〜

| I already feel like a foreigner in my own country anyway.
After flexing my JLPT level I'm about to go there within a french company (I'm french) with a way better purchasing power.

| >>987197 apologize

| >>987071

| >>987228

| >>987197 cringe af + the jlpt means nothing lolz, N1 is equivalent to like CEFR B1. if fr*nchies dont accept ur weird ass y do u think the nips will take u with open arms lmao? u cant flex shit unless u know at least 8k+ vocab, have a few high level kankens under ur belt and can read an translate any given passage of muramasa on the spot. and i bet u still make grammar mistakes which, would be embarrasing considering that there's barely any

| There are quite a few foreigners in Tokyo no? I'm sure there are people who get away with not speaking a lick of it. Same as any other place.

That banned from certain facilities thing is cringe though.

I assume it's different if assimilated?

Or do they just look at honkey nose or tomato nose and deny service.

| >>987309 I know this well, that's why I'm passing Jlpt in order to get a job and go there to really learn

| And they always tell me I'm litteraly the only one with good japanese leven and a small experience in japan
>>987309 actually their were quite a few japanese companies that wanted to take me but the salary wasn't high

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