This site is so transphobic

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| I love Transformers or Godzilla, why would you think such a nonsense?

| if you ever needed any confirmation that this site has fallen off, here you go

| Bait thread but it is natural to fear ugly things.

| Fuck trans people,literally

| Who fears trains?

| Depends on the day, there's a lot of trans people here, and also a lot of edgy children who just want to offend people

When there's a post genuinely talking about trans issues the maids have cleaned up the thread a few times in the past

| >>986584 hehe classic danger/u/ maid

| I will never understand it. To deny reality is one thing but to double down and not even remain consistent in your own delusion is the kicker. You are not a woman yet insist you are. Then you also have to specify trans every time because even YOU are aware you aren't a woman. There's nothing wrong with being a man. You can become confident in yourself in healthy ways that don't involve surgery and poisoning your body. I hope you find genuine happiness.

| no it isnt, we just get a handful of trolls that come back constantly to say fucked up shit

i would bet that while not the majority, easily a significant portion of the posters here are trans

| >>986584
you get it

| >>986544 this site is based on a game featuring a trans person.
>>986587 nah, I'm the maid. Idk who>>986584 is, but they aren't exactly wrong.
>>986588 stay mad.
>>986598 this is EXACTLY the case.

Don't take the bait g/u/rls. Probably going to lock the thread in a bit - I've seen this play out more than enough times to know the end result.

| >>986600 thanks, based maid. I'll let you throatfuck me.

| Stay strong trains man

| i wish the transphobes here were better trolls. i get off on being insulted, but the average trans girl i know is more transphobic than any of the chuds here.

| anyways protip if you make your trans thread in /d/ all the trans girls will see it and reply but you'll catch 30-50% less flak

| >>986600 wait whos the trans person in the game its been a while

| >>986618
Think they're referring to the fact that the main character is very trans coded. Idk if it was ever confirmed, but considering the game got trans devs it would be weird if that was coincidental, so I think people on here consider it more or less cannon

| >>986629 there's also tomcat, the nonbinary ROM cameo character.

| >>986629 oh i never thought of her like that actually. i think i can see it tho, thank you!>>986632 and thank you for reminding me about rom, havent played that yet

| >>986632
Can't remember ever seeing this character before, but that's sick! Are they tied to a specific route or something?

| >>986635 rom kinda sucks tbh (but it was at least better than YIIK)

>>986636 they are one of the characters you can meet by serving a flaming moai at a particular time.

| Enbies are just bitchass motherfuckers that are so terrible at making and committing to decisions that they can't even decide what gender they are. Actual literal Peter Pans. I shit in the mouth eye of the "enby community" from the highest of chimneys.

| >>986638
shut the fuck up, i say this as a binary trans woman

enbies and gnc ppl are by definition trans and part of our community and if you have a problem with it then by all means throw in with the terfs and gender essentialists and piss off

| >>986639 i am genuinely amazed this worked lmfao

| >>986640
if you post shitty rhetoric and then claim it was bait you still posted shitty rhetoric, except you dont have the sack to stand by it

| >>986648 I 100% stand behind invalidating enbies, and I don't give a damn about your attempts at gatekeeping me on that basis, so a reply to that felt pointless.
What I am amazed about is I got a rise out of you in a meta thread about trolling to begin with. Have some self-consciousness, lmao.

| G/u/rls, stop biting bait. It hurts to watch.

| enbies are hot and i'd let most of them do whatever they wanted to me without complaint

| >>986638 wait you spell it "Enbies." YOU'RE ONE OF THEM AREN'T YOU. hahahahaha stop hating yourself so hard

| Trans is cool you get a double jump and shark plushies

| So far I've seen harrassment towards Chinese, American, Russian, Ukranian, SEA, Virgin, Incel, Trump Supporter, Linux user, Windows user, Trans, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Lolicon, 50k-chan

But somehow the one who often make threads is just the trans. I believe we even had 2 blogpost threads about a gurl taking HRT and both of them receive so much more positive replies than the negative. Why are trans person like this?

| >>986687 perhaps consider that a website where everybody gets called a g/u/rl has a particular draw to trans users. they're probably overrepresented

| >>986687
Okay this one is actually hilarious lol
I especially love "Windows user" as a vulnerable minority group
This is the kinda bait this site needs

| >>986600 *fucks your mouth*

| >>b593cd Because they are mentally ill attention whores who need to constantly validate their nonsensical world view when a single look in the mirror or hearing themselves speak will make it crumble.

| I love sexes.

| >Windows users are mentally ill attention whores who need to constantly validate their nonsensical world view when a single look in system32 or hearing the Windows startup sound will make it crumble.

| >>986731 theyre victims of corporate abuse tbh, dont belittle them, help them

| >>986687
I can't say I lose any sleep over whether the NPCs calling me a "tr00n" online are Chinese, Russian, or just boring ol' Americans who enjoy making low-effort insults. Besides, I think the only reason China and Russia still believe homophobic slurs are an effective insult is because they assume western society is still some backwoods homophobic cesspool where being LGBTQ+ is subject to all kinds of social ostracisms as is the case with their countries.

| Well, guess what? My partner and I were at Disney World a few weeks ago and saw a gentleman proposing to his boyfriend in the middle of an extremely crowded Main St. USA (the entrance to Magic Kingdom) and random people were literally cheering for them and giving them well wishes.

| >>986735
>I once saw an act of public faggotry and everyone clapped

| >>986735 cool story sis/brah

| Just make fun of them and move on, stop being cringe and turning it into a performance

| >>986731 as windows user i can confirm it

| >>986736
Sorry, sometimes I forget Windows users are a vulnerable minority group. Mega corpo propaganda is just so strong.

| >>986736 >>986737

| Imagine being a conservative lmao
What are you going to conserve in the end? huh? Your granpa's dusty rifle?

Anti-progressive people in the 2060s be like:
"Uhm actually, necrophile-trans people are fine, it's actually those neohive-mind lizard-ascended people on Mars that are ruining our country!!!1!!1"
Fucking KEK
See ya later conservatards

| haha ok who wants to call me a faggot and backhand me while i moan

bonus points for your kindergarten transphobia~ but if you get a boner i win

| im on nofap tho. boners are diminishing

| >>986768 so the slippery slope is not a fallacy?

| >>986779 there's no slippery slope, it's just a fun slide of conservative loses

| >>986779 *slips her fat g/u/rlcock into your mouth*

| >>986792 you go g/u/rlie!!

| >>986791
>Talks about trannies fucking corpses in the future
>I was pretending to be retarded

| >>986731 this isn't /tech/
By the way install Computers4Christian

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