im back, I hope u missed me

| certainly you have a clear identity of and a deep love for some lurker

| I did miss you (i haven't a clue who you are—i workerd for half a year and then went to college again) gurl!

| go back to cutting

| Hi, have some mouth sex

| Hi welcome back!!! (I returned after 20 years haha its been a long time)

| Ay, it's all good to have you back, homie! The convo been quiet without your dope thoughts and stuff. Everything cool with you? Can't wait to get back to our talk

| Hola, es genial tenerte de vuelta, amigo! La conversación ha estado tranquila sin tus increíbles ideas y cosas. ¿Todo está bien contigo? Estoy ansioso por retomar nuestra charla

| Naw we didnt

| If I pretend I missed you can you pretend you missed me?

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