I learned that the women I've been dating for some time smokes weed somewhat regularly

| And it was such a turn off for me for some reason. I actually support the legalization of weed. But seeing her smoke weed was nauseating. I used to say "I love her so much, I love her so much" constantly in my mind and now those thoughts don't come to me anymore.

This started immediately after seeing her smoke weed. Such a weird thing to happen because I am not actually against alcohol or anything.

I don't have a rational reason for feeling this way. Thanks for reading.

| Sounds like your love interest needs to be "pure" for you to care about them. Google the Madonna complex and go from there. Have fun, g/u/rl!

>t. armchair psychologist

| eh, that sucks

as a stoner myself im kinda shrugging about it. fact is, dome things are dealbreakers, and its fair is smoking is for you

| >>986447 I will give it a read thanks. I don't mind alcohol, sex etc. Drugs just make me uneasy.
The thing is I really like this person and would wish that these weird thoughts of mine disappeared.

Do you have any suggestions dear armchair psychologist? Help a g/u/rl out :'(

| >>986447 fuck you. People have a right to filter their connections. If op doesn't like retarded behavior then they are free to do whatever they want.

| I am so tired of all of you "armchair psychologists" that have no clue what they are talking about

| The most efficient way to go about it is to talk with her about your discontent. Then you can reach an agreement.

| Sorry for the rant. I had a thing about adapting to other people needs while forgetting about my own feelings.

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/unsubscribe. this user sucks

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Someone needs a timeout.

| Heyy OP here! So it turns out my cousin (who is very close to me) reaally doesn't like this woman. She told me she is definitely not thrilled with me dating someone like that.

We again have a date together tonight and my mental state is just keep getting worse lmao. I don't want anyone else's opinion affect my love life obviously. But my cousin told me that my date acts quite egotistically whenever they meet.

I will be updating the thread tonight after my date.

| Run! Those narcos will not do any good to you.

| >>986481 armchair psycologist here, sounds like youre being resitive is a manifestation of your fears of mental health treatment steming from your toxic masculinity

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My experience with potheads has been that they're largely trash people who use weed to cope with their problems and emotional issues. Not saying you should dump her or anything; just be aware that there's baggae being hidden.
DO please pay attention to the people around you on this sort of shit. You aren't seeing her objectively, and I've know people who regretted not listening to friends and family and married into misery.

| OP here back with another update! I spent the day researching the effects of marijuana use on the internet. And it turns out it is not as bad as I thought it was for adults (we are both in our late 20s). Learning more about this actually helped my negative opinion of her go away. I also read about the Madonna Complex and that definitely wasn't my issue. Freud in general is debunked pretty hard and this specific theory of his is not very convincing either.

| >>986575 Thanks for the input g/u/rll!!

I wouldn't really call her a pothead. She smokes about once every 2 weeks, which is rather reasonable if you ask me.

And on the issue of paying attention to the people around you, I agree. I will try to see her more objectively and consider my cousin's words don't worry about it. Also I wouldn't marry her without dating for a couple of years at least. Hopefully I would come to know her wholly during that time.

Thanks for the advice!

| I will keep the post updated in the coming days.

| Huh. You seem a pretty reasonable person, op, I'm actually looking forward to the updates. Hope you can figure this out.

| To OP: When you feel prejudice against your girlfriend, try calling to mind a time when you were on the receiving end of prejudice.

How did it make you feel? Do you want any portion of your legacy to include causing others to feel similarly? Your personal efforts, and the efforts you take to help others resist, will help prevent individual prejudice from coalescing into group bigotry.

| >>986709 I will do my best. Thanks for the input.

| Smoke cock

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