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um what

| some dude inthe gym just said that veiny arms are hot?? i asked my friends too and apparantly its a common fetish?? what?????

| Veiny penis

| >>986432 i know few people have veiny arm fetish~ ngl cut it sounds bloody hot

| According to Freud it's a condition involving a person who's need for stimuli wasn't fully met at the ages 3-5 and therefore developed an unconscious obsession with the male genitalia and if it isn’t resolved at the time of development, there’s a residual need throughout life to see veiny pen- Nah fam I'm fucking with you, it's all bullshit.

| strong forearms are hot as hell but i don't care for veins

| >>986472 please keep cortirue

| *continue

| >>986472 a veiny bull penis

| Cut

| Ateroid bros are hot. Build like bricks but die 5 years later. Gotta marry them fast, so you can take the money after their heart fails.

| veiny arms feel kinda weird tho. whnever i look at them while they r veiny it feels kinda gross???

| Do you know what else is veiny?

| peiny venis

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This thread is permanently archived